The Demon’s Homecoming

She strides quietly her footsteps light, purposeful. She pauses at the door, a striking figure silhouetted in the dim light of the moon. There is no hiding what she is. The dark horns on her head, adorned with silver hoops, the large leathery wings tucked tightly behind her, the twin tails that flick anxiously in the doorway. Even without these things her skin, the color of pale ashes, and those eyes, deep pools of shadow that seem to draw the unwary in, her unearthly beauty, these things would mark her as demon. Indeed, she is a study in black and white, the only color upon her was the bright shock of long red hair, and her moist red lips. The rest of her seems to blend into the moonlight and shadows of her favorite haunts.

She steps inside the door, letting it swing shut behind her. She falls into darkness, the shadows rushing up as if to greet her, and mayhap they do. She steps forward, toward the lone candle ensconced in the lantern on the table, left on, no doubt by the estate manager. She had called ahead that morning and told him she would be by to look over the property. Strange that he himself had not chosen to stay behind to show her around.
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Little White Lightening

Four years gone by
While tears dry
I called your name
My secret shame
Trusting, believing
You wouldn’t be leaving
Now new loves come
And I play dumb
Of my broken heart
You can’t fix that at K-mart

He lifts the log
Inspecting the small world under it.
I look on, lovingly.
His eyes shine in the daylight
His teeth flash when he smiles
Blonde hair flashes between the trees
He is pure crackling energy
I feel it in my bones
He smiles at me
A small child smile
We hug
And he is off again

White lightning

Years pass and he is not the same
Sickness has settled in him
Like a wet blanket
Smothering my white lightning
He now lays in bed
Listless unable to smile
The pain I cannot kiss away
He trust me to help him
But only he can heal
Many long nights pass in pain
For my little
White lightening

One day he is gone
My smiling boy
I could not heal him
But now he feels no pain
As he passes between the clouds
He smiles again
In my heart
Soon I will again embrace my
White lightening.

The Demon’s Oath

The Queen chuckles, looking down at you.

“So you wish to join our little family?” she purrs, her sharp intelligent eyes assessing your shifting figure before her. She leans forward, a small frown playing across her face.

“There are a few things you need to know before you can make this decision. I do want you to be informed of the oath you are about to take.” She pauses, lost in thought before standing abruptly, to pace before the throne.
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The Universe moves sensually
Up and around
Through and beyond
Sight and mind

They touch my cheek
They feel like scales and feathers
Hard and slick

I create for Them an image
A blessed creation
Of love and peace
Contemplation and joy

They take that creation
That image of my soul
And smile
Their mouth full of teeth
Sharp and pointed.

Their eyes dance with merriment
Liquid silver and bright
I am mesmerized by Their eyes
And frozen by their joy
Warmth fills me

I smile with the Universe
Aware of happiness
Truth and joy
Dark and light
Sensual and liquid

The Universe nods their lumbering head
Whips Their long tail
And curls up to sleep
Silent again, enjoying my gift
Waiting for another

Waiting for me
To once again
Awake Them from Their slumber
For joy or pain
They are here and alive

I close my eyes
And listen to Their quiet breath
So faint I might miss it
If too busy
With work and school

Would I but wish
To hear it always
I open my eyes to the day
Awake, and Aware
To move and live

My gift, my life
Within the Universe
Of the Universe
And for the Universe

Iridescent Dewdrops

Iridescent dewdrops sparkle on white marble graves stones.
Here I stand, among the beloved. I stand among the Kin.
I am as tom boy young, as they are long past old.
yellow and white daisies lift their face
to worship at the feet of the Great Goddess Sunna.
With smiling lips I listen to the whispers of my grave-garden.
Speaking lovingly of times far forgotten
renewed with joyous vigor for my ears alone.

I know love.

I have made child-like mistakes.  Child-hood hastens quickly past.
A long road lies before me, it’s road paved with stones and dust.
Lined with yellow and white daisies
Who lift their face still, their eyes trained on the great burning wheel.
I look ahead on that dirt path and know,
I am followed by a great many warm calloused hands
By many a strong bowed back, a rosy wet cheek.
I am followed by all those who have come before me.

I know love.

No child can I give you, though if love were enough
A wee child would I bless you with, and a strong home for your bed.
Though child I can’t give you, my path I accept
With calloused hands will I cover our homestead
Bright yellow and white daisies to bless my land.
We have great kin to stand with us
With many a strong bowed back, a rosy wet cheek
Warm calloused hands support us, we shall not fail

We know love.