The Universe moves sensually
Up and around
Through and beyond
Sight and mind

They touch my cheek
They feel like scales and feathers
Hard and slick

I create for Them an image
A blessed creation
Of love and peace
Contemplation and joy

They take that creation
That image of my soul
And smile
Their mouth full of teeth
Sharp and pointed.

Their eyes dance with merriment
Liquid silver and bright
I am mesmerized by Their eyes
And frozen by their joy
Warmth fills me

I smile with the Universe
Aware of happiness
Truth and joy
Dark and light
Sensual and liquid

The Universe nods their lumbering head
Whips Their long tail
And curls up to sleep
Silent again, enjoying my gift
Waiting for another

Waiting for me
To once again
Awake Them from Their slumber
For joy or pain
They are here and alive

I close my eyes
And listen to Their quiet breath
So faint I might miss it
If too busy
With work and school

Would I but wish
To hear it always
I open my eyes to the day
Awake, and Aware
To move and live

My gift, my life
Within the Universe
Of the Universe
And for the Universe


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