Iridescent Dewdrops

Iridescent dewdrops sparkle on white marble graves stones.
Here I stand, among the beloved. I stand among the Kin.
I am as tom boy young, as they are long past old.
yellow and white daisies lift their face
to worship at the feet of the Great Goddess Sunna.
With smiling lips I listen to the whispers of my grave-garden.
Speaking lovingly of times far forgotten
renewed with joyous vigor for my ears alone.

I know love.

I have made child-like mistakes.  Child-hood hastens quickly past.
A long road lies before me, it’s road paved with stones and dust.
Lined with yellow and white daisies
Who lift their face still, their eyes trained on the great burning wheel.
I look ahead on that dirt path and know,
I am followed by a great many warm calloused hands
By many a strong bowed back, a rosy wet cheek.
I am followed by all those who have come before me.

I know love.

No child can I give you, though if love were enough
A wee child would I bless you with, and a strong home for your bed.
Though child I can’t give you, my path I accept
With calloused hands will I cover our homestead
Bright yellow and white daisies to bless my land.
We have great kin to stand with us
With many a strong bowed back, a rosy wet cheek
Warm calloused hands support us, we shall not fail

We know love.


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