Little White Lightening

Four years gone by
While tears dry
I called your name
My secret shame
Trusting, believing
You wouldn’t be leaving
Now new loves come
And I play dumb
Of my broken heart
You can’t fix that at K-mart

He lifts the log
Inspecting the small world under it.
I look on, lovingly.
His eyes shine in the daylight
His teeth flash when he smiles
Blonde hair flashes between the trees
He is pure crackling energy
I feel it in my bones
He smiles at me
A small child smile
We hug
And he is off again

White lightning

Years pass and he is not the same
Sickness has settled in him
Like a wet blanket
Smothering my white lightning
He now lays in bed
Listless unable to smile
The pain I cannot kiss away
He trust me to help him
But only he can heal
Many long nights pass in pain
For my little
White lightening

One day he is gone
My smiling boy
I could not heal him
But now he feels no pain
As he passes between the clouds
He smiles again
In my heart
Soon I will again embrace my
White lightening.


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