The Demon’s Oath

The Queen chuckles, looking down at you.

“So you wish to join our little family?” she purrs, her sharp intelligent eyes assessing your shifting figure before her. She leans forward, a small frown playing across her face.

“There are a few things you need to know before you can make this decision. I do want you to be informed of the oath you are about to take.” She pauses, lost in thought before standing abruptly, to pace before the throne.

“We have not always been creatures as you see now, dark creatures, creatures of carnal desire and lust for blood. The First of us were once the holiest of holies, the closest angels to the Great Divine. The Morning Star was our Hero, our wonder. “ She stops to look down at you. “Not many of the Second Born have met Lucifer, he stays rather…busy.” Receiving no response from you she continues.

“We were creatures of light and beauty, innocent of spirit, wanting only to please the great Creator.” Her dark eyes take a faraway look, dreamy, as if reliving this joyous state, but she returns to herself with a frown, “But one day The Morning Star comes to us and tells us we have a new duty, to be the adversaries to these pale waifs, these humans.” She spits the words out like venom. “We were shocked, nay horrified at the prospect. We were to leave the Creator’s side, never to return. We were to tempt these humans with evil, so that the Creator could test their loyalty to him.”

She turns to you, fury in her eyes, “We didn’t go willingly, we fought, we screamed, we begged to have this burden taken from us.” She clenches her fist reflexively, “But to no avail, in the end we fell, burning, screaming, to our new home. We fell straight into the fires of hell, and we lay in the pools of sulfur, the pain of our plight only adding to the pain of the fires themselves.”

Her face collapses in remembered agony, “I passed out. “ she heaves a sigh and waves away the memory, “I do not know how long I was unconscious, but when I awoke I had changed. I was no longer the beautiful creature I had been, but a burnt husk, my wings torn from me, my skin nothing but ash over bone. Every move was anguish; every breath was torn from my lungs in a scream.”

“The Morning Star was the first to recover, I felt his hands upon my back.” She closes her eyes, “I took a breath to scream, but when I did, I realized that the pain was gone. The fires no longer burned me, the poison gasses no longer choked me. When I looked down, my flesh was as you see now, white as the ashes, but now smooth, and soft. My eyes…” she touches her eyelids briefly, “My eyes were blackened, but I could still see just as well as I had before.” She opens her dark eyes and looks down at you. “But worst of all, I had a *hunger*, I craved pain, I was so hungry for it, and soon I realized I took pleasure in my own pain, no longer a thing to fear, but to revel in, to embrace.”

She straightens, “We have a job to do, and we were shaped to do it well. WE have known the greatest pain, and WE have been the victims of the greatest lie. Out of all the many races on this world, WE are best suited for pain, for pleasure, for power.” Her voice raises, and you suddenly notice the gathering crowd around you. Demons, imps, Incubus and Succubus, all crawling forward, their heads bowed, eyes downcast as the Queen’s eyes glow and roll into a brilliant white of their combined power.

“WE are the outcasts, the downtrodden, the victims and the victimizers.” She continues as her power rolls over her, a wind blowing through the cavern. Her red locks flying, she stands, full of her power and addresses you. “We are hated for what we are, what we have been given up to do, but do it we will.” The wind a gale force now, but her voice is strong, and echos across the cavern, “For it is WE who love the creator the most, it is WE who shall give up everything to follow his will. WE are strong, WE are driven, WE ARE DEMON!” she cries out above the sudden roar of the collective. The throng screams and shouts and drums on the floors. The Queen smiles at her people and then looks down at you, power streaking from her eyes like lightning.

She steps forward and gently lifts your chin with her knuckle, “I have made my oath to the Morning Star, and I gather those who wish to follow.” She smiles lovingly at those gathered, “This is my Family.” Then turns her radiant eyes toward your upturned face. “Do you truly wish to join us?”

“Yes my Queen.” You murmur, awed by her power.

She smiles brilliantly, and nods, pulling you to your feet before the crowd, which falls silent as she prepares to speak.

“My Children, tonight we welcome another into our fold!” she turns, and suddenly there is a knife in her hand, though you saw not from where it came. She quickly slides it across her palm, and your eyes widen as the steaming blood pools in her hand.

“Blood of my Blood, Your Oath of loyalty is accepted.” She holds her hand out to you the blood dripping across your lips. Your tongue flicks across instinctively, and you gasp at the taste, at the sensation of fullness that accompanies the sacrifice. You swallow, feeling as if you would burst with the power of the Queen’s blood. It overwhelms you, dropping you to your knees though you know not if it is in pain, or pleasure.

She caresses your hair a moment, before gently turning your head to the side, exposing your neck. Her fangs flash suddenly, a white streak in the torchlight as she slides them deep into your neck.

An explosion of sensation has you arching under her mouth. You feel her sucking the crushing weight of the power from you. You cry out as your blood flows into her mouth. She locks her lips about your wound until your eyes roll up into your head and you blackout from the sensation.

You are only out briefly, and when you come to the Queen is holding you up, her arm wrapped around your waist, her swirling white eyes looking down on you lovingly.

“My power is my children.” She whispers, “Welcome to the Family.” She kisses you deeply, the taste of your own blood still on her lips.


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