Watching My Love

A poem for Joseph

I watch you as you strain to lift your weights
your muscles rippling under your sweat drenched flesh
My body tenses with yours an I lick my suddenly dry lips
feeling my eyes, you glance up an smile
my heart flutters, sending stray butterflies
flitting from my mind
I lust for you.

I am startled awake by the ring of the telephone
we both know who it is and I cringe
your harsh words echoing down the line, burning my ears
but drunk, they hurt her not
only bouncing back to rip open old wounds
I watch as you bleed silently, wishing your pain away
I cry for you.

We sit and talk about the world
our minds melding concepts and situations of everyday life
into a picture we are able to understand
twisting words to shape our reality
I make a point and watch as you ponder it
biting the inside of your cheeks
I lean forward and eagerly await your response
I yearn for you

I sit on the couch pondering my life
depression once again settling into it’s familiar place in my heart
as I think of dreams past you crawl under my skin and begin to wake me
I bring my sluggish mind to your words and smile
depression fleeing from your light, logic, and optimism
and all I can think is
how much I love you.

September 15, 1999


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