The Time of Yule

(A bit early, but I never seem to do anything in the appropreate times.)

The cool concoction of Coffee slides down my parched throat
The flavorful slice of Fruit bread finds a home on my plate
The pine wreath fills the air with a wistful smell
While the warmth of the fire washes over me.
This is the Time of Yule

Laughter echoes down long hallways
Dancing merrily between the folk and friends alike
Children scamper carelessly between groups of adults
Wondering who will sneak them another drink from the wassail bowl.
This is the Time of Yule

A voice raised in song floats, briefly on the air
A few hardy protests when it ceases.
A squeal from a lady who found herself caught by her love
Giggles as she quickly forgives him.
This is the Time of Yule.


3 thoughts on “The Time of Yule

  1. Diannah DeCuir says:

    Good poem, but not what I expect from you. Still, it does show your talent with imagery, and captures the feel of Christmas quite well.

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