Yule Blessings

Cool breezes twist and curl my hair
The old gray hound curls up by my Chair
Darkness settles over the lands
While the honey-wine warms my cold hands.

The flames snap and crackle
Deep below me the wolf strains his shackles
Waiting for the time to devour
Waiting for the last great hour

My eyes wander over fields of snow
Wishing Sunna’s power to grow
Over the fields of dark black earth
Waiting for Nerthus to give birth

Yule’s embrace is cold indeed
But I take my warmth from my horn of mead
And the light that shines off my babe’s sweet head
I rise to take the sleepy one to bed.

The Gods have blessed us on this night
The Gods will bless us on waking light
The new year dawning with family and friends
The Yule time draws to it inevitable end.

Happy New Year.


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