Beautiful and Creative TopHats from Gypsy Lady Hats

I LOVE this hat! In fact, I love most all the hats made by the talented group of ladies at Gypsy Lady Hats.  They are unique, and innovative.

I tend to be the type of steampunk lover that is attracted to the more aristocratic look.  Sure, put gears and bits on your stuff, but if it looks grungy, I’m a bit turned off.  I’m all about elegance, mystery, and the love of amazing fabrics.

This top hat has it all. Beautiful fabrics in an amazing color, gromet details with the cutest corset look, and a huge bow in the back that just ties it all together.  The decor isn’t too gaudy, and it is symetrical.  Something I am a huge fan of.

If you want to see more of their stuff, head over to their shop.  Amazing stuff:


2 thoughts on “Beautiful and Creative TopHats from Gypsy Lady Hats

  1. JD says:

    You might want to look again, seems they are just taking peoples money now. Many many people have ordered hats through various sites they sell through and never hear from them after ordering, like myself. I have ordered a hat a month ago, emailed them more than 6 times with no response.
    Have as look at the comments here in the recent coments on the right.
    I have now opened a complaint with paypal to get a refund.

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