I’m so pretty, oh so pretty!

Alright, first off, check this stunning steampunk ensemble out:

Truely amazing.  I love the black dress, the texture of the fabric is fantastic.  The sleeve detail shows how much thought went into the construction.  The neckline is perfect for the model’s face.  Granted, in this dress I would spill all over the place, (I’ve got more cleveage…well, I’ve got more of everything really) but this is truly a fantastic dress.  I hardly even notice the boat in her hair.  Ok…That I’m not a fan of.  But I can over look that for the rest of the amazing costume.

But look at that necklace. *points* LOOK at it!


I’m a fan of corsets, and this…this just makes me drool.  Simple idea, elegant design.  Perfect.

To see more of GhostLoveJewelry’s stuff, visit their main store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ghostlovejewelry


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