Nerthus Doll

My very first doll I created from crochet.  I loved making this doll so much I ended up making a line of dolls called Gravity defying Goddesses.  It took me a while to pin down the pattern, and the other dolls look very different from this one.  But she’s a cutie!

Corset Skirt? SQUEEE!

I love this skirt for so many reasons, let me see if I can count the ways:

1. Its a very slimming black.

2. Its a corset AND a skirt.  Innovative and useful.  Not to mention slimming the waist but emphasizing the hips, giving you an hourglass figure.

3.  As the granddaughter of a professional seamstress, I inspected, as best I could, the other pictures and the skirt seems really well made.

4.  It’s girly.  I like the lines on it, the ruffles, the…the… *blinks*  It’s just amazing.  I love it.

Good job Clockwork Couture you have made my watch list.  Fantastic!

OOooo…Lavender daydreams.

KMKostumes is having a sale!  This dress is soooo pretty.  I can’t wear lavender, but for those who can…check this beauty out:

This is fantastic, it is feminine and still steampunky.  It’s colorful, ’cause who says steampunk has to be all browns and greys?  It’s well made, and flouncy.  It honestly looks like a lot of fun to wear.

Not to mention the photos are beautiful!  Very well done.  No wonder it’s one of their most popular designs.

Check out KMKostume’s etsy page HERE.

Claire Sanders Design

Keep in mind folks, I receive no compensation for any of my works here.

That being said, Claire Sanders could totally steal my whole paycheck and I would love every second of it.

Claire Sanders’ facebook page is a bit easier to view than her web page.  Her costuming is fantastic.  Feminine and yet sturdy.  Beautiful colors.  I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

This is one of my favorites.

Slinky and sexy, lovely fabrics, the cut shows off everything she wants to show off, and nothing she doesn’t.  Fantastic.