Woot! I’m back!

Had a bit of a hiccup in my internet connection, but now I’m back and can post again!

I’ve got a bunch of post ideas, I just have to get them lined up and ready.  Oh!  I’ve got chapter 9 to post as well.

We are ending this section of the novel, by chapter 10 it becomes the true steampunk novel I had originally intended, but was to verbose to start the book out with.

I started this novel in November 2009 for NaNoWritMo.    I am still as of this moment, writing on it.  I’ve not gotten nearly as far as I would have liked, but all in all, I can’t truly complain.  I love writing this novel.  This character is just too much fun to explore.

So expect stuff!  All SORTS of stuff!

Wish me luck

So I’ve written the first installment of a short story I am hoping to get published.  One of the most common rules is that it cannot be published anywhere else.

This includes a blog.  So I can’t post it.  Which makes me sad.  But at the same time, I am hopeful that it makes it into the magazine.

I’m sending it into Steampunk Tales.

Any suggestions on where else I could send it if that falls through?  I’ve got the Writer’s Market book at home, but I would like to hear what ya’ll think.

I’m struggling to figure out how much fantasy to put into my Steampunk story.  My novel, Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones, is very much fantasy, with steampunk thrown in for good measure.  But this story is much less fantasy and quite a bit more Steampunk.

I love my fantasy steampunk setting, and it’s really making me stretch my writing style to work within a more stringent story structure.  I find I am enjoying the experience.  It’s good to stretch.

Scrabble Tile Pendants

Ok, so not exactly steampunk, I find these to be horribly amusing:

I’ve got a thing for eyes…and skulls…and…well pretty things really.  So here is another pretty thing:

Wow, I love these pinups.  So cute and sassy, and really tame compared to what you see now-a-days.  So sweet!

These are all by Unscrabbled from etsy.  I love them because they are all unique and different, and…well….EYES!  They make their pendants from old scrabble blocks.  Which is a great way to upcycle.  I’m a huge fan of upcyling.

Wow, That’s Talent.

Alright, I admit it, I’m impressed.  This necklace comes from Rivkasmom over on Makers Market.  It’s fantastic.  I love the colors and the drops.  I love the gears and the way it lays on the model.  Beautiful work.

Of course, most of Rivkasmom’s work is beautiful.  This one has me tickled as well:

Can we say….WANT!

They are so pretty, so feminine, and yet…gears.  I love it.