November is coming and with it the joys and frustrations of National Novel Writing Month!

Last year I started Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones.  This year I am going to scrap everything I wrote and start over.

*teehee*  Yeah, I’m crazy.  I know that.

Also on the ‘your freak’n crazy’ list.  I’m trying to get my husband to participate too!  I figure if he can write a 50 page essay on why we don’t exist, he can do a mini novel on something he’s actually interested in.

He’s pondering.  I’m excited.  Should be fun!

I have plans to post what I’ve written as I write it.  Plans I would like to keep, but…yeah…no promises.  I’ve done SOOO well recently *rolls eyes*

I blame the awesomeness that was my birthday.  It’s as good a scape goat as any.

So, anyone else doing NaNoWritMo?  Wanna be my buddy?

Yeah…that doesn’t sound as creepy in my head…

Skull Fabric

LOVELY!  These fabrics make me want to make something.  I don’t know what yet…but how can I not?!  It’s steamy, AND has skulls.  Spoonflower is a website that lets you upload your own picture, and they will print fabric for you!  It’s a bit expensive, but this way you know you have the perfect fabric for whatever craft projects you are working on!

Flourish Red

Where the Wild Roses Grow (Black)

Skulluxe skullblossom

Writing Process

Or…Now I get to start over.

Most of my stories are short stories, because if I take long enough the story evolves in my head and I have to go back and rewrite the whole damn thing to make it fit my picture of what I want it to be.

I have been writing on Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones for a year November 1st.  This is a long time.  Not nearly as long as my first novel that I wrote in High School (no I won’t be posting that, it’s bad…really bad.)  And I have been discussing the direction of the story with my lovely Editor.  Also discussing scene change and character focus.

So…and here is where the ephemeral bit comes in.  Starting November 1st, I will be rebooting the story, Starting a fresh, and at the beginning.  The main character of the story is Na’amah and I think that gets lost in translation.  We really did start in the middle of her story, and how she fell is a big part of who she is.  What happened shortly after her fall, the events leading up to the dimensional jump into the Steampunk London, it’s all a part of her, and a part that shouldn’t be ignored.

So I’m trying again.  More than likely I will be keeping the chapters I’ve already written, but making the focus more on the Demoness, and less on Charles and Edda, who really are just side characters in the whole of the book.

So strap in and hold on, the journey of a novel isn’t always pretty, but it’s certainly fun!

NaNoWritMo Synopsis: Eudora Toki, Airship Extrordinare

So yes…I’m planning on doing NaNoWritMo again this year.  Don’t ask me why, I’ve certainly got plenty of things to do without adding this to it.  But DoWMT started as a NaNoWritMo novel, and it’s still going strong.  Who knows, could be interesting.

Eudora Toki is a sentient zeppelin created by Myra and Owen Cadwallen. After Myra’s sudden and mysterious passing Eudora and Owen are tossed into a world of court intrigue and dangerous secrets.

Taking up residence in her Clockwork doll Eudora walks the strange dark streets of this Steampunk world, trying to find answers to Myra’s death, and to soothe the grieving heart of the last of her creators.

With the help of Charlie, a bright eyed waif from the streets and Sarina Waalgate, the painfully shy Heiress to the Waalgate fortune, they make their way through the twists and turns to uncover a dangerous secret, one that may end all of their lives much too soon.