Seeress’ Kiss

It takes but a touch

to know the minds of men.

If wise ways are wicked ways

than evil heart I shall have.

Knowledge brings fury

and frenzy too.


Tiny queens with busy hands

touch and sooth the violent volva.


The eyes that never open

can see many things clearly

Touched they call it

but touched by whom?

Brising’s keeper calls to me still


The weaver of clouds cautions me

Take only what you give

or give not at all

Gift for a Gift

Price for a price


Tiny queens with busy hands

dyes walnut hues into dreams


Pieces of patrimony

desperately scratched into stone

hope of lasting legacies

born into the bones of babes

like grand stones of immortality

to the earth we fall.


Gothic Necklaces

I found these necklaces on a website called Nocturnal Treasures.  It’s a rather large gothic supply store.  I found quite a few really nice things, but these two necklaces stood out to me.  The first one because…well…skulls and crystal.  Which is always a lovely combination.



The second because of the beautifully ornate design, not overly ornate which just makes it look gaudy.  and the symmetrical design.  The green is fantastic, just proving that you don’t have to be monochrome to be gothic.

Both of these beautiful necklaces can be found at Nocturnal Treasures which also has some lovely steampunk items as well.  All in all, a very helpful find!

The Tail of Two Corsets

As you all know by now, I love corsets.  I love them because they make me look like I want to feel.  Like I am not 40 pounds overweight.  They give me confidence that, yes, I am actually attractive.  Granted, it’s a false confidence, and I know that, but that’s why I don’t wear them all THAT often.

Still, how can you NOT love these corsets?


Side buckles!  I love buckles.  And the contrast between the matt finish of the corset and the shiny buckles just about does me in.

This one is an overbust corset, and I like the length.  The black piping makes the red pop, and the red fabric is fantastic all by itself.  I would like a larger picture honestly, because I love what i see of the skirt as well, but I’m not sure because it’s cut off.  Still, it’s lovely!

All this and more can be found at Scoundrelle’s Keep*


*I don’t make any profits from anything I recommend.  I just like the stuff.

Eudora Toki Part 2

It all began when Myra and I went to one of the Universities functions.  She loved them so.  They gave her a chance to dress up in bright silks and talk about her work with others in her field.  Owen might have stayed on after graduating but Myra’s sole focus was my creation and fine tuning.  She had always said that the university stifled her, kept her true creativity from flowing.  Owen on the other hand seemed to thrive within the ridged confines of the university, he had taken on 4 classes this semester and was finishing up a lecture this evening.  He was not sure if he would make it to the ball proper, but he said that he would be able to walk us home afterwards.

Myra was beautiful in her gown.  Her warm chestnut hair pulled up into an elaborate braid on the crown of her head.  A few curls slipping free to frame her face.  Her hazel eyes were artfully lined. Her dress a cream and peach silk dream.  It was cut low in the front, high in the back.  The row of bows that lined the seam at her back ran from neck to waist.  She looked stunning.
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Fantastical Watches

I can’t wear watches, not with the job I have.  But I used to, and these watches would have been AMAZING to have.  So pretty!

I’m not sure how comfortable they would be, all sharp pointy bits and all, but that can be fixed by wearing them over a leather cuff.  Fantastic!

Love the Lines

My Mother loves Yellow.  I personally have it fairly low on my list of colors I enjoy.  Really low.  But this outfit is so cute, I can’t help but post it.  The rest of the outfit is dark, blacks and purples so the bright splash of yellow makes for a delightful change.  Or maybe it’s the model.  Could be the model.

I would have liked to see the skirt be floor length and the shoes have heels.  But then I like the way heels look more lady-like.  Maybe if they were heels I wouldn’t mind the skirt being short.  As it is I go, “HOT DAMN that dress is…oh…combat boots.”

I love the addition of the black lace necklace as well.  Ties it all up very neatly.

Looking at it from the back it has a nice line to it.

The shirt is not overly big either.  You want a bit of poof, but not so much so you ruin the smooth lines of the outfit.

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