Love the Lines

My Mother loves Yellow.  I personally have it fairly low on my list of colors I enjoy.  Really low.  But this outfit is so cute, I can’t help but post it.  The rest of the outfit is dark, blacks and purples so the bright splash of yellow makes for a delightful change.  Or maybe it’s the model.  Could be the model.

I would have liked to see the skirt be floor length and the shoes have heels.  But then I like the way heels look more lady-like.  Maybe if they were heels I wouldn’t mind the skirt being short.  As it is I go, “HOT DAMN that dress is…oh…combat boots.”

I love the addition of the black lace necklace as well.  Ties it all up very neatly.

Looking at it from the back it has a nice line to it.

The shirt is not overly big either.  You want a bit of poof, but not so much so you ruin the smooth lines of the outfit.

Scoundrelle’s Keep


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