Knitted Mantlet Pattern from The Jane Victoria

I am so in love with this pattern.  I wouldn’t wear the color, but the color isn’t bad.  I’m just not a light blue kinda gal.  But WOW, the pattern makes me drool, and wish I was a good enough knitter to make this.  I could so see this over a cute little overbust corset and a rich full skirt.  it’s the details that are so lovely, the collar, the row of buttons, the ribbons on the sleeves.  The drape of the mantelet.  OOOoh, I’m in love.

Check out more at The Jane Victoria Shop on Etsy

Drawing a Blank

I bring to you a few pictures I have taken and photo-shopped to make beautiful. Well. I can’t afford Photoshop, so I pixlr’d it…but that doesn’t have the same ring to it, so I just said…well…you get the idea. I might try Picknik next, looks like it might have more design opportunities to it. I doubt anything online is going to compare with photoshop, but one can dream.  Anyway.  Here are some pictures, If you have suggestions as to other photomanipulation sites, let me know, I am always looking.

Innocence 2




Na’amah in London


picking a suitor_001

Picking a Suitor Steampunk Style


Taking rides from Strangers

Taking Rides from Strangers

The Victorian Period Flashgame

What a unique game!

If you want to test your skills at Victorian dress and manners, check out this flashgame:

It is absolutely fascinating.  You can chose to be male or female.  The game then gives you five social opportunities where you have to chose what to wear, and how to behave in order to be socially acceptable in Victorian Society.

Try it!  Let me know how you do in the comments below!

Eudora Toki Part 3

A week later Myra and Owen were in their workshop held rapt by their studies.  The clockwork doll carefully stowed away, I was floating lazily atop my docking port in the last of the summer’s warm breezes listening to their conversation and adding where I could.

The Cadwallens had long sense moved their belongings into my airship.  I was outfitted with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den, the loveliest of kitchens, and a rather ample engine room.  There were two workshops in my hold, one for their studies, and a larger one for their experiments.  I had everything they would need to feel comfortable for the longest of trips.  And seeing as how they had paid for me as they built me, living inside my walls was much cheaper than renting one of the homes in the city proper.  They simply had to pay the city for docking rights and viola!  Home sweet home.
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For the Beloved Ancestors

Here is another one from Nocturnal Treasures.  Such a Pretty locket.  I could see someone putting a picture or even a hair clipping inside of it.  Don’t know if I would wear it as a necklace though.  I am thinking more sewing it to a small quilt to hang on the wall.  It’s so pretty it should be someplace spectacular.