The Architectural Digest Home Design Show Meets Steampunk Modern.

Ooh!  Some of the pictures on this page are fantastic!  I am so amused to think that Steampunk is heading to the Architectual Digest’s Home Design Show.  That’s fantastic.  It looks like all of his stuff is….well….’stuff’ rather than clothing, which makes sense.

You can find more information here at Art Donovan’s webpage.

My favorite of his works is the Astrolab and the “La Luna” Wall Torchiere.  Beautiful works.


Sunlight dappled comforter
green going lime in the light
birdsong waking me gently
as I swim to the surface of consciousness

Stretching till my spine cracks
Little gasping laughter
Rubbing sleep from my eyes
Opening to see you next to me.

A glance at the clock
Digital numbers, crimson lines
Tell me there is time
Curling into your arms
Comforting and warm, soft sweetness

Head resting on your shoulder
Hearing the pulse of life in your chest
thick beats to my delighted hum
Contentment abounds
And I don’t want to leave the bed.