Amusing Knitting Patterns

There are so many amazing knitting patterns out there I hardly know where to start.  But I have found a few of the ones that most amuse me at this moment and have placed them here in this post, just for you!  Well….for you and for my memory.  I have a wonderful memory when it comes to plot points and costume design, not so much when it comes to remembering webpages, and where I saw what.

So…Like I said.  Mostly for you…ya’know…mostly.

I love these socks.  Keep in mind, I’ve never learned to turn a heel.  Or how to knit in multiple colors.  I’m still learning how to make straight rows.  So this is a bit out of my league, but still.  Who wouldn’t want socks with the first page of the Beowulf saga on them?

Ok…don’t answer that.

Still the geek in me is totally squeeing right now.  Check them out:

This next scarf is something more within my skill set.  It is the first few words of the Jelling Runestone.  It’s done in the Younger Futhark Runes.  I’m not thrilled with the color.  But I suppose they were going for something that looked like stone.  It’s a lovely little conversation starter though:


I absolutely fell in love with this shawl.  It’s supposed to look like the well of wyrd that the Norns sit at.  It is located at the base of the world tree.  It’s beautiful!  If I had the talent and the patience, I would totally knit this.  But I don’t, yet, so I will have to just drool at the pictures.  At some point I hope to be able to learn how to make such amazing awesomeness.  It’s on my bucket list.  I would love to make this, and then hand dye it to give it some depth.  Fantastic:



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