Lift Me Up

Lift me up

Lift me up from the darkness I have surrounded myself with.

Blinded by the wounds of a thousand words, I feel your hand grasping mine.

Lift me up over the tops of burnt and broken trees

Their branches torn from their trunks by winds formed from the screams of frustration and anger.

Lift me up from the black mud of despair,

the sticky muck sucking at my feet, holding me tighter the harder you pull.

Lift me up out of the valley of dread

Let me ride upon your shoulders a while, until I can walk under my own steam

Lift me up.

Give me life once more, let me walk among the sunshine.

Lift me up.

Let me know love, the warm embrace of your arms

Lift me up.

And let me breathe in your scent, your heart beating against mine.

Lift me up.


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