Affordable Corsets

I’m the kind of person who believes you get what you pay for.  You buy something cheap and more than likely it is going to be low quality and poorly made.  Either that or your paying someone pennies for literally HOURS of their work.  As an artist myself, I find that a bit disappointing.  Truthfully, I don’t mind paying a fair price if I know that I am getting quality merchandise, or, even better, helping an artist to survive.

I personally would LOVE to be able to subsist on the income of my art.  But two things prevent this.

1. Artists have a hard time charging what their work is actually worth.  A few of them don’t, and charge outrageously for their creations.  But many artists I have spoken to, and read about have a very hard time charging the price their work is actually worth.  Goodness knows I do.  For instance, if I create a peyote stitch bracelet, it takes me a minimum of four hours to do so and that is underestimating.  Now.  If I were to completely disregard the cost of materials, and just go with hours put into the bracelet, I would be able to charge at LEAST $40.00 for the bracelet….but let’s be honest, *I* wouldn’t pay that much for a bracelet, why should I charge that much to someone else? So you see the dilemma that we artists have to deal with.  How much is too much, and when do we have to just eat the cost?

2.  Marketing is essential, and one of the most difficult things an artist is going to do.  Most artists are artists because we like to create things, because we NEED to create things.  NOT because we are marketing gurus or queens of business tactics.  I love that Etsy has vast amounts of help with this aspect of business, but really, if the artist doesn’t market him or herself, they can pretty much kiss their income goodbye.

Luckily in the days of the internet, Artists have loads of avenues to address both of these issues.

But that is not what this post is about…really.

*steps down off her soapbox*

What I wanted to discuss is an amazing website that has reasonably priced corsets!  Because let’s be honest, you don’t come to this blog to be preached at.  *laughs*

These corsets seem to be quite reasonably priced and better than that, they seem to be made fairly well!  I have not yet purchased a corset from this website, so I can’t make any guarantees (and wouldn’t, to be honest, even if I had) but it seems like a lovely way to get well produced, low cost corsets.  So check them out, and let me know what you think!

And no, I have received nothing from this company to advertise for them.  I just love corsets, and love a good deal.  They have many corsets that would be fabulous for your goth or steampunk needs. (check out the pinstripes or the skully corsets!)


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