Over the Top Hats



Ok, first off, I love this hat.  You can’t *quite* tell in this picture, but it’s a small hat, made for a lady.  I love the colors of the knotwork, and of course the knotwork itself.  The cogs are subtle and balanced and the feathers and curlicues aren’t huge and overbearing, giving the knotwork the attention it deserves.

Secondly, I love this picture.  There are several things I struggle with when I post my works to Etsy (which, if you follow the link, is where this hat is currently for sale.) and one of them is picture quality.  This picture is fantastic, it’s interesting, it’s clear and in focus, and it highlights the ‘mood’ of the object.

Lastly, This hat makes me dream of the dress that would match it.  What ensemble would fit this hat?  The colors would be breath taking.  I have an idea in my head formulating perhaps I shall draw it up and post it in another post.  Underbust corset with shoulder straps over a plaid chemise and a blue and gold overskirt.

Ooooo, the ideas it gives me…and after all, this blog is all about stimulating and showcasing ideas!


3 thoughts on “Over the Top Hats

  1. Tanya Austin says:

    Wow, I just saw this, and thanks so much for your post! It’s so nice to know people like my hats! I like this one too, and I picture it being worn by a naturalist who goes around the countryside doing research for her book, and giving presentations for the Society of Natural Philosophy. 😉

    • Vedis Koerner says:

      Oh! That’s fantastic! The Colors fit that perfectly. I would love to see the plaid brought down into the dress. Perhaps a few of those bits of knotwork at the sleeves, gathering them around the upper arms.

      OOooh, I’ve got ideas! Let me do some sketches and I’ll post them.

      *giggles and runs off*

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