To My Husband


my gorgeous green eyed lover
I sing a multitude of praises
to the nurturing wights
that guided my heart
into your hands

like leather and lace
my love for you
our souls drifting
together along the ever winding river
we call life

though the road we take is not an easy one
through sorrow made to break hearts
over obstacles that would shatter lesser loves
you still, my star,
shine upon my path

we have held our souls to an oath
we have held our souls,
connected as they are,
to love.

Oh blessed Queen
Oh goddess of hearth and home
great Frigga, may you and your handmaidens rejoice
for our love has held fast
and I cannot fathom a life without it.

Oh husband, your presence in my life has given me such strength
such hope for the future of our world
for my future
for our future.

Your presence is a salve upon my wounds and a balm upon my heart.
You laughter rings through out the halls of our home
your arms safe and warm around me
and I am at peace.


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