Hot Damn!

There are so many wonderful things to say about this outfit.  Let’s make a list!  I do so love lists.

  1. The shoes.  I love these shoes.  Time appropriate and cute!
  2. I love the colors, brown and creams.
  3. I love how the top skirt get’s jacked up on one side, it shows off the petticoat so nicely
  4. Corset….WITH A POCKET.  I assume it’s for a pocketwatch…or a few bits of change or whatnot.
  5. I love the cut of the jacket.  I love that it shows off the corset.  It is one of my favorite things on this outfit.  It gives it a lovely sillouette. It makes the corset the focus of the dress.  But not in such a way that it is the ONLY focus on the dress.
  6. The hat is cute.  The model has amazing hair, so the hat works really well with her.  Not sure I would wear it, but for /her/ it’s fantastic.

Overall this is one of the best outfits I’ve come across.  I would so wear this.  You can find this and more over at Clockwork Couture.


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