The Steampunk Home

I have a confession to make.

I am not an interior designer.  I wish I was.  I grew up with my grandmother, a seamstress extraordinaire, who worked with many of the local interior designers to make drapes and valances and all sorts of beautiful interior design….stuff.  But I am odd.  My surroundings are much to eclectic.  They make all the designers wince.  Which is sad really.

But NOT the topic of this post!  Ha!

For those of us who need a little help designing bits and bobs of our rooms, I give you:

Check it out.  Really.  It’s got some amazing ideas and designs for those steampunkers who want to steamify their homes.

*blinks* Steampunkers and steamify….yeah.  I’m making this shit up as I go along.


I’m okay with that.

Seriously though…. = amazing.  Makes me feel like an underachiever with my little blog.

Still okay with that.


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