OOooooh, Dresses

So.  This really seems to be turning into a fashion blog.  It wasn’t supposed to be.  But one of my main passions is costuming.  Does that make me shallow?

*chuckles*  Wait…that’s right….I remember, I don’t care.  I love costumes, not because of the status they represent, but because of their beauty.  Because a well made costume can make you feel like a queen, even when you don’t feel like much of anything.

So I guess I’m okay with having a lot of posts about costumes on this blog, because they make me feel good and they are just a little bit of beauty in this world.  We need more beauty.

So here is more beauty: This shop is a lot of fun.  They don’t really have very many Victorian pieces (check out the Renaissance section, not really sure why they are there.) But they do have some fantastic Renaissance and Midieval sections with some fantastic dresses.  They have an extensive men’s section too.  Men get the shaft (no pun intended) when it comes to costumes and I am glad to see this store put some effort into their men’s selections.

I love the color of the blue dress.  Rich and stunning.  Check out their page for more.


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