I Can Do Cute

I created a character because I was asked if I could do ‘cute’.  I took it as a bet, and with my usual stubborn determination, came up with Cliodhna, a newling Fae in the London Sithen.  Here is her introduction, her very first appearance.


I can do cute.

Thank you to Kael, Reyna, Astrid, Fate, and Mr. Ghost for making her first RP so much fun!

[2011/01/02 10:58]  Cliodhna blinks open her eyes, and stretches in the Sithen. Surrounded by the familiar hum of magic she smiles and stretches. She scratches her hip and looks around. Her wings flutter as she rolls over onto her stomach, kicking her feet a moment as she takes stock, arms, legs, wings, all the necessary bits, and quite shapely too, “Cliodhna!” she chirrups, naming herself, the first sounds from her virgin lips. With a flap of her wings she darts up and hovers over the ground, laughing delightedly.

[2011/01/02 11:06]  Cliodhna lands with a splash in the water and dips her hands into the crystalline liquid, lifting it to pour it on her skin, shivering at the sensation as it runs down her flesh. She kicks about the water a moment or two before stepping to the waterfall and plunging herself into it, laughing as the pixies that dance about her head dart quickly away to avoid the spray of water. She raises her hands and embraces it, letting it splash against her face.

[2011/01/02 11:11]  Cliodhna steps back with a gasp, rubbing the water from her eyes and shaking her hair, droplets flicking out over the rocks. She stumbles to the side of the pool and knocks the water from her ears. “Wet…bleh.” Her wings sodden she lays on her stomach on the rock, letting them dry as she draws idle circles on the rock, moss growing under her finger, small circles of green.

[2011/01/02 11:16]  Kael Seid looks at the circle curiously he places his hand on it the door as it swings open

[2011/01/02 11:18]  Cliodhna sits up as she hears the stone door move, cocking her head, her wings fluttering behind her, she curls her knees up with the brush of chill that enters.

[2011/01/02 11:18]  Kael Seid eeps as the door closes, “shit” he whispers

[2011/01/02 11:19]  Cliodhna scoots to the edge of the rock and looks out into the darkness,

[2011/01/02 11:19]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): sens airle

[2011/01/02 11:19]  Cliodhna: Hello Hello?

[2011/01/02 11:20]  Kael Seid walks to the sound of water seeking  a way out

[2011/01/02 11:22]  Cliodhna smiles as she sees the man, she flicks her wings and takes to the air, flying up over to the man, she darts around him, looking him over before landing lightly before him,

[2011/01/02 11:22]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): airle see reti airle

[2011/01/02 11:22]  Cliodhna: Hello!  You have horns!

[2011/01/02 11:23]  Kael Seid blinks seeing the female he walks slowly hoping not to scare it

[2011/01/02 11:24]  Kael Seid: “huh.. reti?”

[2011/01/02 11:25]  Cliodhna laughs delightedly and dances around him, not understanding a word he says, but his confusion was obvious and she loved it.

[2011/01/02 11:25]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti airle see reti see muse

[2011/01/02 11:25]  Cliodhna: Your silly!  Are you from the outworld?

[2011/01/02 11:27]  Kael Seid looks at her bewildered , “umm hi” he waves  repeating the word

[2011/01/02 11:27]  Cliodhna giggles and mimics him, waving “Ummm hi”

[2011/01/02 11:29]  Kael Seid eyes narrow, “don’t copy me”

[2011/01/02 11:30]  Cliodhna cocks her head to the side, “Doon t copi mee?” she blinks, clearly confused, but his body language telling her he wasn’t happy.

[2011/01/02 11:30]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): see sens reti see airle see wre see sens reti ter

[2011/01/02 11:30]  Cliodhna: I’m sorry, you’re not making any sense…do you speak Fae?”

[2011/01/02 11:32]  Kael Seid: “face soften finding the thing adorable, “i no speak fae” he gestures talk”

[2011/01/02 11:34]  Cliodhna beams at him as he seems to soften, his dark look fading away. She darts over to him and grabs his hand, pulling him insistently to the stones. Her wings trailing dust over them both.

[2011/01/02 11:35]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): see ad reti see wre see ad reti

[2011/01/02 11:35]  Cliodhna: are you hungry?  I’ve got mushrooms!  And flowers too!

[2011/01/02 11:36]  Kael Seid blinks , “friendly thing ” he stumbling a bit

[2011/01/02 11:37]  Cliodhna pushes him down to the rock and pats his thigh before straightening, she mimes eating and pats her belly, then points to him.

[2011/01/02 11:38]  Kael Seid sits down and nods, “ok ill eat” he gestures eating

[2011/01/02 11:40]  Cliodhna laughs and claps happily, she steps to the mushrooms and breaks a few bits off, she steps back over to him and hands him a piece before sitting down on the ground and bringing a piece of the cap to her mouth, watching him with avid curiosity.

[2011/01/02 11:43]  Kael Seid takes a bite slowly wincing a bit, “mmm” he says faking a smile finding the taste bad but bearable.

[2011/01/02 11:45]  Cliodhna chews happily, letting the pixies flit around her head, she knew they were upset, but couldn’t for the life of her figure out why….she glances down at the cap in her hand before taking another bite. She motions to Kael “Mmmm…?” she murmurs

[2011/01/02 11:48]  Kael Seid blinks as one of the pixies slaps him, “hey! stop” he grunts as the others poke him

[2011/01/02 11:50]  Astrid looks around confused  as she enter the cave, she blinks seeing the others, she takes a tentative step towards the waterfall, towards the portal, her voice, soft, “Greetings”

[2011/01/02 11:49]  Reyna Aeon: Deep in the Sithen the spirit stirs………………”A newborn? How did she end up there? The ancient one rises into the circle her limbs creaking and casts the summoning to open the doorway bringing the new fae home. She sends a message, a lovely dryad with open arms, “come home my child the way will be clear now”

[2011/01/02 11:51]  Cliodhna snorts and covers her mouth to hide a giggle, then finishes off her mushroom cap, leaning back and patting her belly. She glances around the cave, flitting to her feet as she sees the Dryad. She grins widely and tosses herself into it’s arms, glancing back only a moment to wave at the man before disappearing. Her head whipping around to see the woman seconds before she fades.

[2011/01/02 11:53]  Reyna smiles as the newborn arrives, “Welcome daughter of the Sithen to your home.”

[2011/01/02 11:54]  Cliodhna blinks as she appears in the forest, still feeling the welcoming embrace of the Sithen she smiles and waves.

[2011/01/02 11:55]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): airle

[2011/01/02 11:55]  Cliodhna: Hello!

[2011/01/02 11:55]  Reyna: ((in Elven)): ot muse see reti sens see

[2011/01/02 11:57]  Cliodhna seems to slump a little, does no one speak faerie in this place. She looks around quickly and seeing no one else she turns back to the woman, she pats her chest, “Cliodhna.” she says, “Cliodhha.” speaking slowly, she points to the woman a question on her face.

[2011/01/02 12:00]  Reyna laughs lightly a breeze stirring the branches of the tree, “I have had more names than the birch has leaves, you may call me Reyna for now”

[2011/01/02 12:01]  Cliodhna smiles brightly, FINALLY someone who speaks her language, “Greetings, then Mother Reyna.” she giggles, her wings flickering behind her, “May the grass grow green under you always.” she grins, her eyes sparkling with delight.

[2011/01/02 12:02]  Reyna smiles, “It always does my love, have you chosen a name yet or did you wish the Sithen to choose?”

[2011/01/02 12:04]  Cliodhna puffs her chest out proudly, “Cliodhna!” she chirrups, hands on her hips. She blinks and seems to lose a bit of her forwardness, “Um…if that’s ok…” she scuffles her toe in the grass and looks rather sheepish, “I like it….”

[2011/01/02 12:07]  Reyna the answer comes from the sithen itself, a cloud of butterflies flutter about the young fae, their wings sparkling as they swirl over her head then vanish inti the spirit who giggles, You are well named Cliodhna

[2011/01/02 12:09]  Cliodhna laughs delightedly, her hands lifting to dance amongst the cloud of lovely creatures, she clasps her hands in front of her chest in delight, “Thank you!” she crows, her eyes bright with joyous tears, she singsongs, “Cliooooodhna, Clio, Clio, Cliooooodhna.” and does a little twirl.

[2011/01/02 12:10]  Reyna frowns at the newborn, the branches of her head rubbing brittly together as she studies her. “I did not think the cave strong enough to infuse life into a newling, it must be the connection to here that allowed, still we must make sure you are fully formed or you will fade, come with me Clio.

[2011/01/02 12:11]  Cliodhna blinks and sobers. following quickly after her.

[2011/01/02 12:12]  Reyna leads her through a path of wild berries, ferns and flowers until the foliage part, the sound of water tumbling competes with the call of birds as she leads her into a hidden grotto

[2011/01/02 12:14]  Reyna sighs twirling in the steamy hot springs, “Do you feel it Clio? these waters are the very life force of the sithen. Whenever you are in need, come here and be recharged. It will heal oyu and restore your energy

[2011/01/02 12:16]  Cliodhna follows her closely, her fingers running over the berries and flowers, touching them, learning of them as she passes, she breathes out a deep sigh of appreciation as she sees the lovely grotto, the sight seeming to pull at her very heart. She steps into the water with the woman and shivers, her wings fluttering delightedly behind her, “OOoh…it feels so…sweet, and fuzzy against my skin. She runs the water through her hands, the sparkling liquid like diamonds on her skin.

[2011/01/02 12:17]  Cliodhna dips down and blows bubbles, her eyes darting over the area, taking it all in.

[2011/01/02 12:17]  Reyna giggles watching the newling

[2011/01/02 12:21]  Cliodhna grins at Reyna and ducks under the water, trying to be sneaky, unaware that her wings are still above the water, she prowls around, spooking a fish, which in turns spooks her She jumps up out of the water, a startled look on her face, she flutters above, “It moves!” she blinks up at Reyna, her hair dripping soppily about her.

[2011/01/02 12:21]  Reyna The smile widens, “Astrid my daughter, I felt you from the cave, welcome home, come, we have a new sister just born”

[2011/01/02 12:22]  Reyna watches Clio’s antics and laughs heartily, the water having changed her into her spring form, “She has much to learn”

[2011/01/02 12:23]  Cliodhna wipes the water from her face, and shakes, her whole body moving to dispurse the water from her skin. She blinks up at this…Astrid and grins, waving, She speaks only Fairy….and assumes the woman does as well, “Hello! I’m me!”

[2011/01/02 12:24]  Astrid smiles making her way to the pool, she bows her head to Reyna then tilts it a little as she looks to the fairy, “Just born?” She doesn’t quite make out what she’s saying, “Welcome”

[2011/01/02 12:25]  Reyna giggles as the water from Clio’s wings sprays her, “Cliodhna meet Lady Astrid a sister of sorts, Astrid, Cliodhna her wings are still drying though now I suppose she shall have to start over,” giggles again

[2011/01/02 12:27]  Cliodhna flutters a bit, before her wings lose their beat, she eeps as she tumbles back into the water with a splash, she pokes her head back above the water with a splutter and pouts, looking up at Astrid the blinks, not understanding, she looks back to Reyna, “It’s wet…” she grumbles.

[2011/01/02 12:28]  Reyna smiles happily at Astrid, “Clio rose from the cave this morning althought I did nto think it possible, it means the sithen’s power has grown further than I realized. “Clio it is needed now, you may get out in a bit but I think it best to assure your form is fully set.”

[2011/01/02 12:30]  Astrid giggles watching the new fae lose her balance, “That is good to hear as I… I am sorry to say I have not been on good terms with Nyght lately. And I haven’t seen as many of the other fae”

[2011/01/02 12:31]  Cliodhna sighs heavily, her breath forming bubbles on the surface of the water. She awkwardly paddles forward, trying to see through the mist enough to see the new woman, she peers up at her curiously, listening to her speak, she perks up, “Fae!” she cries, understanding that word. She points to herself, “Fae!”

[2011/01/02 12:32]  Astrid giggles and nods to Clio, she points to her and says, “Fae” then points to herself and says, “Elf”

[2011/01/02 12:33]  Reyna  frowns worriedly, “Something happened to Nyght, I could not send the dream to her, it was blocked by something  and her mind is more chaotic, Astrid I am deeply worried she will lose her way forever.” she glances back to Clio and smiles, “We shall have to teach her common”

[2011/01/02 12:34]  Cliodhna blinks and nods slowly, “Ealf.” she murmurs, speaking slowly, she points to Astrid, “Ealf.” she looks her over then wiggles her fingers at her own ears, then points to hers, “Ealf?” she looks to Reyna then falls silent, her tone more than enough to indicate serious business. She is content to watch for now.

[2011/01/02 12:37]  Astrid nods and smiles, “I am glad she arrived here.” She giggles then points to her Clios wings then turns around, showing her lack of them as if to say, similar, but different. Then looks back to Reyna and nods, saying softly, “Yes I am worried, and I don’t think I will be able to get through to her”

[2011/01/02 12:40]  Reyna rises from the waters to study Astrid a small smile playing upon her sensuous lips, “Astrid my daughter, there is something different about you, your light is brighter, has something changed to make it so?”

[2011/01/02 12:42]  Cliodhna cocks her head at Astrid, her own wings a sopping mess behind her, she looks sad, thinking it a terrible thing to be without wings. She narrows her eyes at a fish that gets a bit to curious, unaware it’s friend was next to her. She watches Reyna leave the water only to yip as she feels the fish brush against her. She splashes to the rock and clambers atop it, staring down at the water with wide eyes, her wings dripping limply around her like a cloak, she looks to them both, pointing to the water, “IT MOVES!” she yells in Fairy, then wiggles her fingers, “It moves and it touches!” She frowns down at the water, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she searches the water. muttering darkly.

[2011/01/02 12:44]  Reyna giggles, “Clio you look like a great dripping dragonfly the fish are fae they are of the sithen and are saying hello”

[2011/01/02 12:44]  Astrid smiles brightly and blushes, she can feel the feel the blush and immediately hates the fact her face constantly betrays her, “Yes, some things have changed”  then she watches Clio curiously.

[2011/01/02 12:45]  Cliodhna blinks between Reyna and the water, then gasps seeing movement again she launches herself from the rock and lands atop it, wrestling the fish into a hug, “Hello feesh!”

[2011/01/02 12:46]  Reyna tilts her head curiously, “the human you brought here? He was……..inspiring”

[2011/01/02 12:47]  Reyna: “((the fish dissolves into fairy dust dispersing in the water only to reform a few feet away wriggling it’s whiskers in annoyance))”

[2011/01/02 12:48]  Astrid smiles, wondering how Reyna could almost read her mind, and just says simply, “Yes he is” as she watches Clio and the fish.

[2011/01/02 12:49]  Cliodhna end up hugging water, her arms closing in about her chest as she eeps and searches franticly for the creature, She spreads the water with her hands, trying to see into the depths. She sniffs and looks to Reyna with a pout, “Not very friendly.” she grumbles.

[2011/01/02 12:50]  Reyna chuckles at Clio, “He is older than most fae young one, I believe he is a bit grumpy in his old age”

[2011/01/02 12:54]  Astrid smiles watching them and she says softly to Reyna, “I think something happened that night I brought him here. We were good friends before, but after that, we were more”

[2011/01/02 12:55]  Cliodhna takes a deep breath and dunks her head under the water, she grins as she sees the fish and paddles over to him, her wings and ass floating in the air, “sorry mister feesh!” is what she MEANT to say, until she realized she couldn’t talk under water and begins to choke, splashing and hacking her way to the surface, she sits suddenly on the floor of the pool…looking miserable. Once she stops choking she look at Reyna with huge sad eyes, “Can I get out now?” she whines.

[2011/01/02 12:57]  Reyna nods, “He was deeply worried when he brought you here though he did not show it. I could feel it in him when he entered the waters” She smiles to the young one, “Yes Clio you are whole.

[2011/01/02 12:58]  Cliodhna crawls up onto the rock, looking like a drowned rat with wings. She curls her knees up to her chin and sniffles, the power was nice…the drowning not so much. She lets her wings droop, they would have to dry before they were useful again.

[2011/01/02 12:58]  Astrid covers her mouth giggling from the scene of the scene, unable to help her amusement, even though her eyes show an empathy for the young one.

[2011/01/02 13:00]  Reyna giggles and waves her hand a warm breeze drying the fairy, “It is not as bad as all that youngling

[2011/01/02 13:01]  Astrid smiles to Reyna, “Before he brought me here, he found me trying to get out of the bed in the hospital on my own. I didn’t want to admit how weak I was. I only knew I couldn’t restore myself at the hospital.”

[2011/01/02 13:02]  Reyna tilts her head, “Why was he at the hospital?”

[2011/01/02 13:03]  Cliodhna closes her eyes and leans into the warm breeze, it ruffles her hair about her head and her wings begin to dry faster. She giggles and quickly tries to tame the hair before it became one big poofball around her head. She ties it down with a thong from her leg, making two not quite ponytails on her head. The women’s voices a soothing murmur. She begins to tend her wings smoothing them out as they dried.

[2011/01/02 13:03]  Astrid: “He works there, he’s a doctor.”

[2011/01/02 13:05]  Reyna: “That he brought you here says much of him”

[2011/01/02 13:07]  Astrid smiles and nods, then looks up to Clio, speaking in elven, hoping some of the words might be familiar to her, “Your wings are very beautiful little one”

[2011/01/02 13:08]  Cliodhna sees the woman look up to her she smiles and waves, “Ummm…Hi.” she says in common, mimicing the man from earlier, her wings straightening out behind her, still damp, but better.

[2011/01/02 13:09]  Reyna repeats the words so Clio will understand

[2011/01/02 13:10]  Cliodhna beams at the compliment, “Thank you!” she chirrups, “And don’t worry, your very beautiful, even without wings.”

[2011/01/02 13:11]  Reyna giggles and translates to Astrid

[2011/01/02 13:12]  Astrid smiles seeing her beam, then chuckles softly, looking to her saying clearly in common, “Thank you” and nods her head

[2011/01/02 13:13]  Cliodhna blinks, “Thank…ewe.” she mimics and then grins again, “Thank ewe! Tank Ewe!” she flutters her wings behind her, a fine trail of dust floating down from them, dry at last.

[2011/01/02 13:17]  Astrid smiles, “Well she knows a few words at least.” she pauses then looks to Reyna, “I was hoping to bring him back her to see if you could help his leg… something more permanent…” her voice is quiet, asking her like a child asking a parent not sure of their reaction.

[2011/01/02 13:20]  Reyna considers her request, “His injury is deep and old, I sensed it when the pool responded to it. Still, he did go against his medicine and training to bring you here.” she smiles, “Perhaps there is the heart of a fae beating within that human form. We will agree on the condition that the energy taken be replaced.”

[2011/01/02 13:22]  Astrid tilts her head to the side, “Replaced how?”

[2011/01/02 13:22]  Cliodhna continues to look around the Sithen, everything new and bright. She crawls to the top of the rock and launches herself into the air, letting the women talk as she explores.

[2011/01/02 13:24]  Reyna giggles, the sithen uses many forms of energy, I do not even think you realize some of the energy you are collecting now. Did you not wonder WHY your light is brighter?”

[2011/01/02 13:24]  Fate looks up from her hunt “Oh hello”

[2011/01/02 13:24]  Reyna smiles, “Ah you have found us, welcome daughter of the sithen, be refreshed”

[2011/01/02 13:25]  Cliodhna lands behind the woman, her eyes immedately going to her wings, she siddles forward, reaching out to run her finger along them.

[2011/01/02 13:25]  Astrid giggles to herself thinking of the reason she assumed it to be, then smiles to the new comer nodding her head, “Hello”

[2011/01/02 13:26]  Reyna titters, “Do not ne alarmed by the newling behind you, I think you are the first with wings she has seen”

[2011/01/02 13:26]  Fate nods “Thank you Miss” she says to Reyna “Have we met before?…Oh” and jumps when her wing is touched

[2011/01/02 13:27]  Cliodhna eeps and darts back, crouching as the woman startles, her eyes wide.

[2011/01/02 13:27]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): reti see sens

[2011/01/02 13:28]  Astrid grins as she watches the two interact (OOB)

[2011/01/02 13:29]  Cliodhna cocks her head to the side, blinking up at her, her wings fluttering nervously, she points to the woman, then gestures vaguely.

[2011/01/02 13:29]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): airle see airle

[2011/01/02 13:29]  Cliodhna: You’ve got wings!

[2011/01/02 13:30]  Fate giggles now she hears her own tongue and replies….

[2011/01/02 13:30]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): see ter ot

[2011/01/02 13:33]  Astrid nods the to the before her and Reyna, “Pleasure to meet you”

[2011/01/02 13:34]  Fate: “Nice to meet you all.  Miss Astrid, Miss Reyna.  Do you also speak fae?”

[2011/01/02 13:35]  Cliodhna seeing that she wasn’t going to attack she sidles closer again, looking the winged creature over, she reaches out and plucks at her skirt, feeling the fabric.

[2011/01/02 13:35]  Reyna speaks softly to Astrid, “Everything gives off energy, some positive, bright like the seelie and some negative, dark like the unseelie. The sithen must have a balance or terrible things happen.” She turns back to the fae, “I did not get your name, I speak all fae languages”

[2011/01/02 13:36]  Astrid shakes her head, “No, I do not I’m afraid. Elven is my native tongue”

[2011/01/02 13:36]  Fate: “Oh I lose my head!  I am Fate.  I was here once before, maybe we met then?”

[2011/01/02 13:37]  Reyna: “I must have missed you, sometimes I am deep in the sithen”

[2011/01/02 13:37]  Cliodhna frowns and lifts the skirt to look underneath, there sure seems to be a lot of it…she looks up at her curiously,

[2011/01/02 13:37]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): ot see reti sens

[2011/01/02 13:37]  Cliodhna: do you have legs?

[2011/01/02 13:37]  Fate turns to the little fae next to her….

[2011/01/02 13:38]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): see ot sens reti see airle ad ter ot reti see ot airle ter see sens

[2011/01/02 13:38]   Faith Diesel :::: Put my skirt down you little rascal! I is Fate and of course I has legs.

[2011/01/02 13:39]  Cliodhna eeps and jumps back, she frowns and chitters at her in annoyance. Flitting up to the top of the rock once more. She sticks her tongue out and humphs.

[2011/01/02 13:41]  Astrid tilts her head curiously at Clio

[2011/01/02 13:41]  Reyna giggles at Clio and turns back to Astrid to finish the conversation, Energy is released directly as Nightshade does or indirectly by things that occur in here, laughter, joy, arguing…making love. What I ask is that you replace the energy with another form, the sithen will convert it

[2011/01/02 13:42]  Reyna giggles, “the problem is you have way to many clothes!”

[2011/01/02 13:43]  Astrid nods, “I see, and what I’m asking… it will take a lot of energy I presume?”

[2011/01/02 13:43]  Reyna translates for Astrid, “Clio was wondering if Fate has legs” giggles

[2011/01/02 13:44]  Fate snorts “Bloody place insists on this garb” pulling at the tight clothes and the damnable corset.  “They don’t buy from me if I dress fae!”

[2011/01/02 13:45]  Astrid laughs and nods understandably to Fate.

[2011/01/02 13:45]  Cliodhna blinks again, recognizing a word, she slaps the rock and points “Fae! Fae!” she looks to Reyna, she points and Fate and then to herself, a question in her eyes.

[2011/01/02 13:45]  Reyna nods sadly, “It must be awful not to feel the breeze upon your body. You do not need such here.”

[2011/01/02 13:46]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): ter ot see reti omta reti sens ot skye airle ot sens airle reti see airle ot see airle reti

[2011/01/02 13:46]   Faith Diesel :::: I is fae, Miss Cliodhna just stuck in this….this prison so these people here not scared of the little fae.

[2011/01/02 13:47]  Reyna nods to Clio, “We are fae, there are different kinds, elves, fairies fae, demi-fae

[2011/01/02 13:49]  Fate snorts at the idea of elves being fae and almost chokes but not wanting offend the lady saying she was Elf, she swallows hard and says nothing.

[2011/01/02 13:49]  Cliodhna grins at the woman, even after her being grumpy, she crawls closer to sit on the edge of the rock. Glad to hear words she understands, “Why would they be scared of you?” she murmurs then looks around, “Are there others?”

[2011/01/02 13:50]  Reyna giggles, “Your prejudices make you weak there are not enough fae here to allow for divisions so you do yourself no favors thinking such.”

[2011/01/02 13:51]  Fate smiles and nods to Clio saying in fae “There are lots of others, Miss and some not very friendly.  Some even evil lady demons.  You should be careful.”

[2011/01/02 13:51]  Astrid notices Fate’s snort and narrows her eyes a little then forces a smiles on her face.

[2011/01/02 13:52]  Cliodhna snorts, “I’m not scared….I’m Fae!” she puffs up her chest proudly, her wings fluttering behind her in righteous indignation.

[2011/01/02 13:53]  Reyna giggles, “Clio you might want to stay in the sithin while you learn”

[2011/01/02 13:55]  Fate hadn’t thought of her dislike of Elves as prejudice just common sense so assumed Reyna was talking to the Elf girl.  She giggles at the cheeky fae “You be a careful fae, Miss Cliodhna”

[2011/01/02 13:55]  Mr. Ghost leans on his cane with both hands and smiles, observing the group

[2011/01/02 13:56]  Cliodhna giggles, hiding her smile behind her hands, thinking them all silly. She straightens and pulls herself to her knees as she sees the man, her eyes wide. She points

[2011/01/02 13:56]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): sens

[2011/01/02 13:56]  Cliodhna: Look!

[2011/01/02 13:56]  Reyna smiles, “Mr. Ghost, “Welcome, thank you for your attentiveness to detail as usual”

[2011/01/02 13:56]  Mr. Ghost bows “Am I intruding on matters of court?”

[2011/01/02 13:57]  Fate turns round to see the stranger behind her “Oh…hello Sir and…” she says tentatively.

[2011/01/02 13:57]  Usagi giggles ! “And here I thought i was the only one who knew about this place.”

[2011/01/02 13:57]  Mr. Ghost glances over at the she-rabbit “Oh… long days and pleasant nights.”

[2011/01/02 13:57]  Astrid cross her arms grumpily, but smiles a little seeing  Mr. Ghost, “Hello again”

[2011/01/02 13:59]  Astrid tilts her head looking at the rabbit, “You are definitely not the only one, it is known to all Fae”

[2011/01/02 13:59]  Cliodhna jumps down off the rock to siddle up to Reyna, she tugs her long black hair gently, pointing to the two newcomers, “Fae?” she whispers, “Fae?” she says repeating one of the few words in common she knows.

[2011/01/02 13:59]  Mr. Ghost winks at Astrid with the sort of grin that only those with demon blood can master.

[2011/01/02 14:00]  Mr. Ghost steps closer

[2011/01/02 14:00]  Reyna shakes her head, “no dear, they were brought by fae and once they know the way they can return”

[2011/01/02 14:01]  Fate looks the man up and down “He doesnt smell fae.  Are you fae, Sir?” she asks him cheekily

[2011/01/02 14:01]  Reyna giggles

[2011/01/02 14:02]  Astrid smiles to Mr. Ghost, “What brings you here today sir”

[2011/01/02 14:02]  Cliodhna cocks her head, looking at the man. She runs her hand over her own hair, seeing his horns. She sneaks behind Astrid over to the other winged creature. She tugs on her sleeve, her eyes on the man…

[2011/01/02 14:02]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti see wre reti see reti airle

[2011/01/02 14:02]  Cliodhna: He’s got horns…Do they all have horns?

[2011/01/02 14:02]  Mr. Ghost returns the cheeky grin and speaks in a playful tone “Only every third Tuesday. The rest of the time, I am of the freemasonry of demon descended known as tiefling.”

[2011/01/02 14:04]  Astrid chuckles at Mr. Ghost’s response

[2011/01/02 14:04]  Mr. Ghost looks at the white haired fae with the pretty wings and says in a pleasant tone “I am Mr. Ghost. Do you ken mine words?”

[2011/01/02 14:04]  Reyna frowns at something, “My time is short, Astrid do we need to talk further in private before I go?”

[2011/01/02 14:05]  Astrid shakes her head, “No, we can talk more later. Thank you”

[2011/01/02 14:05]  Mr. Ghost looks at Reyna “I can leave, do it please you, lovely.”

[2011/01/02 14:05]  Fate takes a step back, not realizing the little fae had moved there, being scared of demons generally “I see Mr Ghost”

[2011/01/02 14:05]  Cliodhna sees him look at her and ducks back behind Fate, trying to hide, his words meaning nothing to her. She peeks out around her, eyes wide. She looks to Fate.

[2011/01/02 14:05]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti see ot reti

[2011/01/02 14:05]  Cliodhna: What did he say?

[2011/01/02 14:06]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): ot sens wre ter reti see sens

[2011/01/02 14:06]   Faith Diesel :::: He be demon, Clio…can I call you Clio?

[2011/01/02 14:06]  Cliodhna grins up at her and nods.

[2011/01/02 14:06]  Mr. Ghost: “I… take it that one is not versed in His Majesty’s English?”

[2011/01/02 14:07]  Astrid shakes her head to Mr. Ghost, “No, she only born today, in the Sithen”

[2011/01/02 14:07]  Reyna smiles, “She was born today Mr. Ghost already she is learning”

[2011/01/02 14:08]  Fate tries to stand up as tall as she can “I do speak the QUEEN’s English though why she should own it now she is cowering in Scotland, I cannot imagine” she says in as upper class an English accent as she can muster.

[2011/01/02 14:09]  Mr. Ghost adopts a curious expression… his expressive features showing clearly that he is not sure if he is being teased. In a very diplomatic tone he asks “Is her situation predicated on the droll premise I was likewise born yesterday?” he smiles a good natured smile. Then he looks at Fate “Oh not you, lovely. The one behind you. Cry your pardon.”

[2011/01/02 14:09]  Cliodhna looks Fate over as she stands taller, then steps around her and mimics her, her chin lifting, she chitters nonsesne at him shaking her finger at him.

[2011/01/02 14:11]  Reyna giggles at the group for none of it matters to her, I must go,” She makes her way to the portal following that which only she hears

[2011/01/02 14:11]  Astrid scrunches her nose as she looks in Fate’s  direction at the tone her voice. “No Mr. Ghost, it is not based on that premise”

[2011/01/02 14:13]  Mr. Ghost: “She looks rather… mature… for an infant. *he spends a moment looking over the newly created fae… scrutinizing her closely*”

[2011/01/02 14:13]  Mr. Ghost successfully examines Cliodhna.

[2011/01/02 14:13]  Fate crosses her arms defiantly trying to keep a straight face at the antics of the little fae behind her.  “The lady behind me is new to this land, I believe but Astrid will know better than I”

[2011/01/02 14:14]  Astrid chuckles, “And I look rather young for my age, and yet you have not questioned mine.”

[2011/01/02 14:15]  Cliodhna her eyes go wide as Reyna steps away, having been the first to speak to her kindly she takes a step after her, then blinks as she feels a brush of magic from the portal and pouts. She sidesteps back to Fate, reaching for her skirt she grips it tightly before turning her gaze back to the man, flinching as she sees him look her over so intensely…she tugs her skirt.

[2011/01/02 14:15]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti ot sens

[2011/01/02 14:15]  Cliodhna: what does he want?

[2011/01/02 14:16]  Fate whispers to Clio….

[2011/01/02 14:16]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): ot reti see ot see sens

[2011/01/02 14:16]   Faith Diesel :::: He says you are too old to be new born.

[2011/01/02 14:16]  Mr. Ghost reaches very slowly inside his coat… then very slowly brings something back out of it. He shields it from view with his palm and fingers… looking at it for a moment like it’s some treasure… then one knowing look to the young fae, then he glances at Astrid “So, have I missed the bathing?”

[2011/01/02 14:18]  Cliodhna cocks her head, pulling her gaze from the man to look up at Fate curiously. Then ducks back around her as he pulls out an object from his coat, she tries to see what it is, without actually moving from behind her winged friend.

[2011/01/02 14:18]  Mr. Ghost holds whatever is in his hand in such a way that it simply cannot be viewed without coming closer. It appears to emit light for a moment. He seems not to notice and keeps his gaze on Astrid.

[2011/01/02 14:19]  Astrid looks curiously at what he’s holding then almost chokes, “That wasn’t what I came up here for my dear, as you can see my light is glowing quite brightly today”

[2011/01/02 14:20]  Mr. Ghost chuckles playfully “Bathing, dear heart, is it’s own reward.”

[2011/01/02 14:21]  Cliodhna leans in over Fate’s hip, her eyes going wide as she sees the thing flash, she flutters her wings, forgetting to be afraid. She tugs on Fate’s wing and nods toward the object.

[2011/01/02 14:21]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti ot see

[2011/01/02 14:21]  Cliodhna: what is it?

[2011/01/02 14:21]  Astrid tilts her head, “but this pool isn’t just for bathing. It contains the energy of the sithen in it.” She steps closer trying to get a peek at what he’s holding.

[2011/01/02 14:22]  Astrid successfully examines Mr. Ghost.

[2011/01/02 14:22]  Fate looks at Miss Astrid, not so anti-elf as to be willing to leave one to a demon “Am I disturbing you? I was looking for comfrey for something I am making”  then whispers to Clio….

[2011/01/02 14:22]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): ter reti

[2011/01/02 14:22]   Faith Diesel :::: I dont know

[2011/01/02 14:23]  Mr. Ghost appears to be holding a small object that is white in color. Perhaps a small bone? Even though she looked, it’s just too hard to see without him moving his hand. “Then is not the vogue *he asks Astrid* to adopt a more… traditional fashion while here?” he nods at Cliodhna. And smirks.

[2011/01/02 14:25]  Cliodhna frowns and looks back at the man, she makes small tsking noises her wings fluttering once. She takes to the air while he speaks with Astrid and flits in the blink of an eye over his shoulder, trying to see the object better.

[2011/01/02 14:26]  Astrid smiles, “No not at all, Fate, I had come up to see Reyna.And… You don’t have to worry about him, he won’t harm me” she grins to Mr. Ghost, “And what traditional manner do you mean?” She holds her foot up, “I’m already not wearing shoes”

[2011/01/02 14:27]  Mr. Ghost in what must be a most infuriating way, he inverts his palm so that the back of his hand is now turned upwards. At best she saw a tiny patch of white, but it would not tell her much. To Astrid he replies “Do you know how many tales I’ve of the fae court that involve the characters being ‘skyclad’?” he pauses… then “Thirty-seven.”

[2011/01/02 14:28]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): reti ter reti ot reti skye reti see ot see sens reti airle ot see reti ot reti see

[2011/01/02 14:28]   Faith Diesel :::: Clio, I need to find some ingredients.  Will you be all right with Miss Astrid or do you wish to go with me?

[2011/01/02 14:29]  Fate bows politely to the elf and the demon “Then I will take my leave and continue my search”

[2011/01/02 14:29]  Astrid laughs, “But I wasn’t planning on being here long” she nods to Fate, “Safe paths”

[2011/01/02 14:29]  Cliodhna looks over at Fate, her wings missing a beat and she lands hard on her ass She blinks at the fae a moment, unsure…her eyes glancing back to the object he holds, she bites her lip.

[2011/01/02 14:30]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): airle reti ter airle reti skye ter muse sens reti

[2011/01/02 14:30]  Cliodhna: Mother Renita said I should stay here….that I shouldn’t leave yet.

[2011/01/02 14:31]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): ot reti ot airle ter see ter muse reti sens see ot ad airle

[2011/01/02 14:31]   Faith Diesel :::: We dont have to go far… I saw a waterfall near here.  There may be comfrey there.

[2011/01/02 14:32]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): ot see airle see

[2011/01/02 14:32]   Faith Diesel :::: Up to you little one

[2011/01/02 14:32]  Cliodhna stumbles to her feet, rubbing her ass, she looks back at the man quickly before turning and scurrying off after Fate.

[2011/01/02 14:33]  Fate giggles “Lost already”

[2011/01/02 14:34]  Cliodhna cocks her head, she sees the confused look on her face and reaches for her skirt once more, tugging her along…she smiles and waves her over.

[2011/01/02 14:34]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti

[2011/01/02 14:34]  Cliodhna: this one?

[2011/01/02 14:35]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): see sens see sens ot ad see ter sens reti airle ad

[2011/01/02 14:35]   Faith Diesel :::: Yes thats the one.. Im looking for a plant with blue purple flowers

[2011/01/02 14:35]  Cliodhna giggles and points.

[2011/01/02 14:35]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti airle

[2011/01/02 14:35]  Cliodhna: like these?

[2011/01/02 14:37]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): ot sens see ot see airle reti

[2011/01/02 14:37]   Faith Diesel :::: No thats not it but close.  Lets look more

[2011/01/02 14:37]  Cliodhna cocks her head.

[2011/01/02 14:37]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): reti see ad reti

[2011/01/02 14:37]  Cliodhna: what are you looking for?

[2011/01/02 14:38]   Faith Diesel :::: Comfrey. Its a herb used in healing by humans.

[2011/01/02 14:38]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): omta see ter reti ot ad ot ad

[2011/01/02 14:40]  Cliodhna grins widely, and quickly steps over to the grass, she knees down and presses her hand to the ground, doing what she does best, her magic seeping into the earth of the Sithen, she chitters happily.

[2011/01/02 14:40]  Cliodhna successfully performs the Novice ability.

[2011/01/02 14:41]  Cliodhna between her fingers a plant comes into view, growing at amazing speed, slipping up as she pulls her hand away, she looks to Fate with a proud smile…the blue flowers uncurling slowly

[2011/01/02 14:41]  Cliodhna: ((in Faerie)): omta

[2011/01/02 14:41]  Cliodhna: Comfrey!

[2011/01/02 14:42]  Fate flits over the fae chiruping in happy fae style she usually restrains.  She chatters happily….

[2011/01/02 14:42]   Faith Diesel :::: Thank you thank you

[2011/01/02 14:42]  Fate: ((in Faerie)): sens see sens see

[2011/01/02 14:43]  Cliodhna beams up at her new friend, happy to be of some help. She jumps to her feet and claps her hands spinning happily, Fate’s joy infectious

[2011/01/02 14:45]  Fate giggles and takes the herb, happily dropping it into her basket.


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