SL Fashions: Boudoir

I like fashion, obviously, but I like *fantasy* fashion.  Thinks you aren’t going to find in a normal fashion show.

So…Here are some fashions I like from the Second Life marketplace.  I pull them from there because A. It’s easy to browse through, B. I am a Second Life Addict. C. They are super pretty!

So this first set of clothing is from the store Boudoir

This is a very neat dress.  It’s animated so it looks as if it truly is flames.  That is an amazing effect and one you won’t get in the real world.  Indeed.  In the real world if your clothing is on fire….your in trouble.  But for those fiery temperaments, this dress would be perfect.

I love the organic look of this dress.  That is one thing I think this designer does so well.  Organic unique designs.  This one looks like the wings of a butterfly (well…bug really) and would look oh so cute on a fae.


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