SL Fashions: Falln Angel Creations

The next installment of SL Fashions is one of my favorite designers, Falln Angel Creations.  This designer is one of the most prolific and while much of their stuff is hit or miss, when they hit…they hit hard!

Bare with me as their advertisement’s pictures aren’t that great.  Their clothing sadly doesn’t look well in their photos, but is fantastic once you see it in person.  They don’t just do clothing, but in this post, we are just hitting on fashions.

Falln does fantastic silks, unusual silks that you don’t find in most silk shops.  They are very creative, innovative and quite sexy.

This is my current favorite set:

The detail is intricate and not nearly as pixilated as the picture shows.

This next one is gorgeous.  It comes with henna that is separate so you can wear just the dress or jazz it up with the henna!

The fun part about Falln is that they don’t JUST do silks.  They do other indian themed dresses..more modest ones:

And they have some of the most lovely kimonos on SL

Like I said, Falln Angel Creations is prolific.  They also have a creative imagination, if rather crappy advertising pictures. I love the texture of their dresses, and the sweet curls on their silks.  They do gothic looks, indian, asian, steampunk, and their male outfits are wonderful as well. The wide selection is also helpful when your looking for that *perfect* outfit.


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