Hm…Short Stories gone Haywire

I enjoy writing short stories.  I do.  But for some reason, all my short stories turn out to be rather long stories.  I can’t seem to cut through all the descriptions and scenery to get the story…actually done.

For instance.  Eudora Toki…was supposed to be a short story and I suppose it is, seeing as how it’s no where near novel length.  But it just keeps GOING and GOING, and I keep getting ideas about where to take it and Oooh that would be neat to have as well!

It’s making it very difficult to complete it.  And I do so enjoy finished works, as well as the actual writing process.  I don’t have near enough finished works.  I should really work on that.

So far, I am currently working on:

1. Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones – Yes I am still working on this.  Part of finishing this one is getting “Bloodlust and Betrayal” complete, so I know which bits and pieces I want to bring into the novel itself.  This is taking longer than I had anticipated.  My bad.

2. Eudora Toki – This one requires some thought on my part.  I love the character, and I had an outline for the story itself.  It’s a good outline…but I feel like I could do better.

3. Al and the Demoness – This one was supposed to be a short round of smut.  I could finish this one fairly easily, I just have to DO it.

4. Bloodlust and Betrayal – This is keeping most of my attention at the moment.  It’s a storehouse for every RP I’ve done with the Demoness Na’maha…and I’ve done nearly 3 years worth.  So that’s a LOT of RP to post.  Still, many of the posts have pictures, which I am quite proud of.  Some don’t, because I didn’t think to take any at the time.  But SL’s second great use (other than RP) is pictures.  I really feel like I’ve done some good pictures as well.  So that’s nice.

NaNoWritMo is coming up again…and I just don’t think I will be able to start yet ANOTHER project.  So perhaps I will simply use the time to write on what I’ve already got started.  It won’t meet the criteria for completion, but it will drive me to write and that’s really what it’s all about now isn’t it?


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