Dream Form Skulls

These skulls are truly works of art, in a way that I can even describe.  When I saw these skulls I said to myself, “WOW.  Someone took some of the most AMAZING acid and did some of the most DEEPEST trancework I have never had the pleasure to see the results from.”

Then I realized all these skulls are in porcelain.

Seriously porcelain dream skulls.  I think…I think I just had a geekasm.

Now, click on the pictures and be prepared to be absolutely stunned.  I have no words for the time and effort and SKILL that went into these pieces.

Katsuyo Aoki…You are my new Artist of Awesome.  *nods*

Check out his webpage you will be glad you did.

Steampunky fabrics on Spoonflower – Jadegordons


I am in love with the idea of spoonflower.  Expecially for us fabric geeks.  There is so much you can do with it.  I expecially love the steampunk fabrics that Jadegordon has created.  Like this one:
Steamed Pattern 2

I mean, look at that.  That would make a fantastic corset or a lovely accent piece to a mini top hat.  The shine makes it look as if it is real metal.

This one is fantastic too:
Steamed Pattern Two

You can check out more of his stuff HERE

That’s a bit Dice-y




Oh.  You KNOW I’m going to have to post this.  Dice…no…not just dice…SKULL DICE.

Printed from a 3D printer, these dice are little tiny skulls that hold up the numbers.  Now, keep in mind, I don’t play any role playing games where I would need these lovely little doodads.  But that doesn’t stop me from going into a world of geeky squee when I find them.

The webpage loads slow, so bear with me…it’s worth the wait!