Velvet by A. Patch

My first fanfic!  By the most wonderful A. Patch  I can’t tell you what this means to me.  You are a fantastic friend, and a wonderful writer.  I can’t wait for more!  XD  Posted with permission.


By A. Patch

Vedis eyed herself in the mirror as she adjusted her silks, weaving the last of their golden embroidery upon the black silk. “hmmm….” she’d curl a her lips and adjust her magics, causing her silks to become a bit more transparent, showing off more of her ivory flesh. She’d brush a scarlet tress over her ear and smile with satisfaction. Oh this party was going to be fantastic, the opening party that would be remembered for days to come, she was sure to turn heads, to snatch the eyes of the men that came with their women companions…hell even most of the women would fawn for her once she put her emerald gaze upon them. She’d laugh to herself haughtily and finally sigh, letting her attention shift to the small pair of eyes that had been watching her in silence by the door way the whole time. She could feel the small heart pittering so quickly in his chest, his lust spiking while he hesitated to make himself known.

“Yes my dear Patch? Don’t just stand there and let others see me before I’m ready.” She’d chuckle and turn to face him. She’d be sure to dawn her mask, that emotionless expression she would wear that always seemed to captivate him for some reason, she mostly feared that smiling on him from the start would cause the little fallen melt into nothing. She’d quirk a brow as he didn’t do his usual stumble in, instead opting to stay at the door and partially out of sight. “Hmm?…something wrong Patch? Am I needed so soon?”

“N-no Mistress…um the preparations for the party is going well, the girls are setting up and preparing the drinks already. It’s just…um…I just want your approval on uh..what I’m wearing.” he’d stammer, making her struggle on keeping her mask on as she curled her finger for him to approach. He’d slowly step in…and the demoness felt what would be her heart stop in her chest. She knew the little once-angel was a queer one…but this was shocking. He’d emerge in a lovely burlesque dress, the font hiked up to show off his impossibly curved and smoothed thighs. The velvet material fit his slender body perfectly, nearly giving him a woman’s physique due to the furred bust over his chest. Why most who didn’t know him would swear that he was a girl! She of course new that angels would take androgynous shapes in some accounts…but Patch was taking the cake.

“…that…is quiet the dress my pet.” She’d smile, urging him to come closer, resisting the urge to lick her lips as he gazed upon her through that scarlet mane of his, the hair that practically mirrored her own in color. Without giving him so much as a smile, she’d run her finger through his hair while lifting his chin, forcing his gaze upon her and denying him the chance to shy away. “Now…what made you choose this hmmm?”

He’d of course bite his lip, timid little thing at first. It always took him a little while to fully open up to her, a nice little game she liked to play with him to slowly peel away at his nervous exterior and expose his lust gradually. Did he choose it just to tease her she’d wonder, did he just want her to throw him onto the bed, rip it to shreds with him in it and ravage him? Quite bold really if that was the case. “…it’s the first party Mistress…I..I wanted to look my best…to compliment you.”

The brat was killing her, she could feel her own demon savagely scratching at her heart, roaring for her to grab him by the throat and just have her way with him. She knew he wouldn’t deny her, deny his own lust for her, she just had to press a little more. She’d finally smile to him, seeing her ruby lips reflect in his eyes as she drew his face to her plush bosom. “Oh my dear pet….you look fantastic….” he’d coo to him, caressing his hair and feeling his body shiver against her, a clear sign that he was about to break. “But you know that I approve of anything you wear…you do look so good in dresses. What’s the REAL reason you’re here…my pet.”

She’d watch as he slowly looked up from her breast, his cheeks a glowing red as she licked her fangs, knowing what he was going to say. “Oooh I want you my Mistress” she could imagine him saying, “Please…let me taste you my mistress of lust!”

“…Mistress…c-can you help me have lips like yours?” the words would come from his mouth, causing her finger to curl in his hair with disbelief. She’d stare down at him, seeing only earnesty in his eyes, humiliation and bashfulness swirling in those dark hues as well. This fallen angel…this …thing…was truly testing her limits, but she’d play along.

“Sit upon the bed my pet…” she’d smile, letting him go as she let her tentacles extend. She never had to use make up, yet still kept some around for her own amusement, who would’ve thought that it would be used for this though. Holding the kit with her tentacles she’d tilt the young male’s head up and grin to him, “Now close your eyes and purse your lips.”

He’d obey and fidget on the edge of the bed as she applied the makeup. A little blush to his cheeks, some extra shadow to his darkened eyes, and just a grace of lipstick to those soft lips of his. “Oh..I will do…yes…black…” she’d whisper as she finished.  She’d watch as he opened his eyes, holding a mirror to him and moving beside him, watching his face in the reflection. She’d see his surprise, his embarrassment and disbelief all at once.

“…w-wow…is that…is that me?” he’d ask softly, making a move to wipe it away as his embarrassment become too much for him to sustain, “…t-this is stupid…I look stupid…this was a bad idea I’ll go change right awa~” Vedis grabbed his wrist and pinned it to the sheets, quickly grabbing him by the chin and making her emerald eyes pierce his own.

“You…are blood of my blood, I altered this form of yours with my energy and my creation of black evil…” she’d hiss to him, “my blood gave you life…my power flows in your veins…and you are gorgeous. Do not insult me by ever saying that you look stupid…do you understand, pet.” It took a moment for her mind to catch up with her actions, seeing him gaze upon her wide eyed and surprised. She too was surprised, at how hearing him deny his beauty pained her in the slightest.

“…I’m…only gorgeous…because my Mistress made me this way…” he’d whisper, slowly smiling to her, that damn…affectionate smile of his, “My Mistress…the Queen of Lust took me..and made me gorgeous.” she’d slowly embrace him to her and shake her head,

“You were gorgeous before I made you mine…my pet….” she’d close her eyes, hearing her demon scream out into her mind. She’d curl his fingers around him, feeling her nails threaten to pierce the fabric and his flesh. Her hunger desired his flesh, to spill his blood during the throws of passion. To feel his cock within her while tangling him in her tentacles. She wanted to make him squeal and cry as she’d invade his body with her tentacles, his sweet mouth…his supple tush…to claim him fully as her right this instant.

“…M-mistress Vedis?” he’d say her name, snapping her from her vision of hunger, “Are you alright?…we should be goi~MMFFF!!??” his words were cut short as the demoness claimed his mouth hungrily. Her tongue would swirl and toss his around within his own mouth, hungrily sucking the very air from his lungs, his very essence and lust fueling her body. Her fingers gripped him all the more to her bosom, feeling him twitch and arch his back with each dragging second. Soon, he’d fall to the bed with her upon him, still latched onto his lips and pulling painfully on his red mane. Ooh she was going to ruin him…she was going to savor each and every bite of her pet…she…

“My Mistress…the party is ready to be started.” Shin’s voice beyond the door would call out, “The guest request to see the Matron.” She broke the latch she had on the fallen and let out a pleased sigh, feeling what she gathered slide down her throat and into her form.

“I’ll be right out, my pet.” she’d call to Shin, hearing him walk away before huffing and looking down at her victim. Poor Patch, his eyes nearly full of tears, his body trembling from head to toe and such a silly dreamy look on his face. “Come now Patch…I need you to escort me downstairs….”

“…mis…traa…” he’d try to say before sitting up, “Y-yes Mistress” She’d chuckle and let him take her arm as they left the room, descending to the second floor and hearing the commotion of the party already rising. She’d stop and look down upon him, his lips unsmudged and his eyes still upon her as he whispered. “…I love you, Vedis.”

She’d stare at him, her face an emotionless mask, leaving nothing for him to sense…until she opened their link as far as it would allow. He’d falter as she squeezed his hand, sending him the full torrent of her feelings for the young creature for a brief moment, the angel who chose to fall for her. She’d look to him once more and simply smile, knowing that he got the message.

“You Patch…are such a strange creature…” she’d whisper, “such a dear…strange creature you are….” She would head downstairs with him in tow…to enjoy their first opening party.


“Goddess?” Galy’s’ voice snapped the demoness from her daze as she looked blankly down to her Talon. “…Artur wishes your audience.”

Vedis would slowly nod as she rubbed her forehead, brushing a crimson tear from her eye. “…such…a strange creature he is…that boy…” she’d whisper to herself as she stood. “Changed so much…yet he still looks at me the same..this old demoness….”

“Goddess?” Galy would ask as Vedis adjusted herself. ” Something troubling you Mistress?…I could send Artur away…”

“No…I was just…thinking of better times…” Vedis whispered, “…better times…”


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