Adrienne Trafford’s Color Cornicopia

I have a fascination with color.  We’ve discussed this…

Well.  I’ve blogged about it, and presumed you discussed it with me.  A girl can pretend can’t she?

Anyway.  I LOVE color, I love unusual combinations of color, I love the bright colors, for happy moods and dark blues for melancholy colors.  I love films that use color to make a point, or create a scene.

I love pictures that use colors to portray emotions.  I said that already, but I feel it’s important, to excuse me while I say it again, “Color = Emotion.”

So when I stumbled across Adrienee Trafford’s work my reaction went something like this:

*GASPS*  “OOOh, so pretty!”

Superficial?  Maybe, but take a look as see for yourself.  Totally worth it.

Beautiful, no?  She uses color, reds and greens and blues and even purple, and she does so in a way to bring about a soothing pallet.  Like nighttime dreams and sky lit fantasies. Soft and subtle, and totally fitting the mood she wants to portray.

It’s powerful.

This picture shows even more how color can make a difference in the picture.  Take note of the way the woman’s hair changes color, and her skin.  The moods from each side are SO different.

You can see more of her work at her Etsy shop, but honestly, there isn’t much up.  Be sure to check out her webpage, it has more of her work.


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