Urban Threads of WIN!

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, I haven’t talked about skulls in what…five posts?  I’m feeling a skully withdrawal coming on.  So let’s do a post on skulls.

But not just ANY skulls, oh no, ’cause this blog is about quality, and taste, and shit that is so expensive I’ll never even be able to LOOK at it without emptying my bank account.

Okay, this post isn’t that bad.  Actually, it’s really, really good.  This post is about embroidery.  Proof, that girls can be badass AND girly.  Beat THAT asshole from the 3rd grade who told me otherwise.

Ahem.  Anyway.  My grandmother has this machine that embroiders, saving her hours and hours and HOURS of work.  Its fantastic.  But all she seems to have is flowers, or cute little animals holding buttons, or I don’t know…ships.  In other words, nothing I would care to actually PUT on things.

Then I found this website, it’s called Urban Threads.  It was made for me.  Seriously, it’s got more skulls than I could ever possibly use, as well as a bunch of other good stuff.  The blog is superb.  Check out some of the patterns they offer:

Steampunk Skulls, can it get any better than this?

It's so CUTE!

This is just a taste, just a grain of sugar on that sweetspot.  Go check it out, just don’t get lost, ’cause I did, and let me tell you…it was WORTH it!

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