Pump up your writing



For those of us who are interested in writing, and writing well.  This is a lovely page to assist us with that.  It explains how to make your characters believable, and realistic.  It helps to explain WHY we do things and how to translate that into your writing.

This is also good when you are Role Playing someone or something that isn’t based off of your character. Stretching your writing ability is what every good author strives to do.  Create a character that is nothing like you and see if you can make it believable.  That’s harder than it sounds.  Goodness forbid you write a villain, Villains are always written so one dimensional, to make it easy for folks to hate them, but some of the best villains are very much two dimensional, they should give a person pause, make them think.  Really good villains are understandable, and driven by something other than “I am Evil, this is what I do.”

This page addresses romantic relationships as well.  Which is important because I don’t know HOW many really bad romances I’ve read.  Don’t write bad romances.  Seriously…just…don’t.

This page helps you to ask the questions that need to be asked in order to make your writing the best damn writing it can be.

In other words, Good stuff!