NaNoWritMo Starts Soon!

Gearing up for NaNoWritMo.  I’m cheating this year, but I’m okay with that.

I don’t want to start a NEW novel, not when I’ve been working so hard on the one I’ve worked on for the last two NaNoWritMos.  So while I’m going to be writing like a fiend, I won’t really worry about total wordcount, just daily wordcount.

I’ve been working on laying out the groundwork for Na’amah’s Caverns.  Not writing, drawing.  Getting ready for this next chapter which will require a basic outline of the caverns themselves, the detail I’m going to will never make it to the book, but I am doing the detail because I have found that filling out the area gives me ideas to put into the story.  The environment is just as important as the people in it!

Here is what I have so far, I’m actually going into each room to make sure it’s laid out properly.  Why yes, yes I am a bit detail oriented….Thank you.

Rough draft. 'Rough' being the keyword.

So while I gear up for the most insane month of writing of the year, here is a video that I found that I liked.  I love watching people draw, helps me to realize I don’t have to have perfect technique to make a beautiful finished product!


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