Be a More Productive Writer

Resolve to be a more productive writer from Columbia University.

7 tips and tricks to keep yourself focused which, honestly, is one of the banes of writers everywhere.  STAY FOCUSED.  I’ve been having a terrible time here lately staying focused on my writing, but then my plot is rather complex and I have to have my head wrapped around it completely before I can continue writing on it.

So I’ve been brainstorming a bit the last two days.  Still I hope to have a teaser up early next week, so stay tuned!


Art Nouveau Inspired Mural

 As a HUGE fan of Art Nouveau, I find this HUGE mural to be squee worthy. And think, it’s all done with spray paint…Four stories worth of spray paint.  Oooooh I would love to see this done on as many buildings as we can.

Beauty reminds us that the world isn’t as dark and as evil as we sometimes fall into the habit of thinking.  Express your creativity in a way that benefits the world.

Created in Montreal by the graffiti artists A’shop.  Congrats folks!  Your work is amazing!