Your Move

Your Move

By The Ephemeral Prosaist

The soft thump of the drums would herald the entertainment section of the feast.  Laid out like Romans the crowd, reclining upon low couches between tables heavy with food, would turn their eyes to the center floor.  The thick smell of jasmine would follow the smoke from the bay laurel, marking this as a sacred dance.

That got their attention.
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Artist – Victoria Frances

I love this artist’s work.  It’s skill is amazing, but what tickles me is the darkness found in each painting.  Beautiful works that include blood and tears.  Because beauty is not dependant upon mood, even in the worst pit of dark emotions beauty can still be found if one is so inclined to seek it out.

The level of detail is amazing.  I’ve never had the patience enough to focus on the skill required to make people…actually LOOK like people.  Fantastic stuff.

While most of it is gothic, many of her works lean towards the steampunk side of things, which makes me happy.

Fantastic!  I would love to have several of her pictures on my wall!