Steampunk in GeekGirl Magazine

I love this article, because I agree. In this made up history we ladies can be anything we want to be. And that is exactly how it SHOULD be!

GeekGirl Magazine

The ladies of Steampunk dress in layers of ornate finery—bustles bobbing at their backs, goggles nestled in their hair, and corsets cinched tight at their waists—at least until they decide to ditch the crinoline and grab a pair of coal-stained trousers.  Playing dress-up is fun, but what really attracts women to the Steampunk subculture, and what keeps them participating in it?

Steampunk has gained massive presence on the Internet, in the media, and at conventions.  But for those somehow unfamiliar, Steampunk’s whimsical aesthetic draws from a revisionist version of Victorian England.  It posits an alternate reality where all modern technology exists, but operates using steam, clockwork, and mechanical—rather than electronic—means.  Steampunk fashion pays homage to both technology and Victoriana with a twist.  Steampunk culture also encourages a mannered, Victorian style of behaviour.

But unlike the Victorian period, in a Steampunk universe women can be airship pirates, mechanics, adventurers, and industry…

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