‘Dandyism.net’? Oh you’ll love this.

So, there seems to be a webpage devoted to “dandyism.”  Never heard of it.  So I clicked the link as curious masochistic folks are want to do.

Here is how the fellows who run dandyism.net describe ‘Dandyism’:

We agree with Barbey d’Aurevilly that dandyism is as difficult to describe as to define. We can opine about effortless elegance and sparkling wit, but dandyism is ultimately characterized by the nearly indescribable effect of the dandy’s appearance and demeanor on the spectator. The French call such effect a je ne sais quoi; in Hollywood it’s called having “it.”

The magic of dandyism resides in the interplay between the dandy’s temperament and his appearance. Yet it is not a question of simple harmony, for one dandy may combine severe dress with a jocular demeanor, while another meshes cold aloofness with colorful and audacious dress.

An ‘it’ man, a man with a certain….style about him.  It seems this fits well into the idea of steampunk.  The harkening back to the victorian era’s sensibilities of looking ‘right’ and ‘proper’.

Men dressing like men, with a flair for the theatrics…what’s not to love?  Obviously, it’s not every day wear, but there is nothing like a man that knows how to look good and is happy to show it off.

So feel free to check out the webpage, get some ideas and run with it!

Dandy up fellas!