Time to Catch up!

Okay, taking a break from some of the most amazing storylines I’ve had the pleasure to Role Play in.  This weekend many of the players will be busy dealing with other things so we’ve decided to call a break from the intense plots and enjoy Real Life for a while.

Real Life…yeah, we play that too.

Anywho, It will give me some time to see my family, uncle and his wife will be in town as well as my brother whom I miss terribly.  It will also give me time to work on finalizing my Chapbook for posting here next week sometime.

I’ve also got two or three poems rolling about in my head that are demanding to be written down.  I’ve fallen behind on my steampunk posts, but that’s because…well…because I’m busy.

Don’t forget to check out “Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones” the teaser novella for my book.


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