The Life and Death of Love Chapbook

It’s finally here!  Sorry it took so long, I got quite a bit of feedback from several folks and it made me think on a few things with regards to editing and copy.

So here is my first Chapbook.  The Life and Death of Love.  It’s very personal, and yet seems to speak to a universal experience.

Many of these poems were written decades ago, several of them are much more recent.  Either way, I hope you enjoy them.

~*The Life and Death of Love Chapbook*~

Poetry – Heron’s Mistress

Stepping through the sunlit swamp
Fensalir’s fortune to find
Bright birch branches brushing by
As I move through my mourning mind

Heavy held is my hardening heart
Longing to leave lost love behind

The heady call of Heron’s home
Tall grasses to trample through
Leaves lying limp around my legs
Crimson currents in curling hue

Rough reeds my path restricts
Parting fronds I still pursue

A sight I see, a song to sing
Holy Herons gathered home
Around a jeweled Ardea all
Gems glinting in the gloam

Chains of silver sparkling still
Sunna’s riotous rays to roam

The Heron’s Mistress in her might
I am blessed to behold
In glorious glamour her gaze to me
Compassionate eyes consoled

Hesitant touch upon her hand
Bright hope blooming to make me bold

The Fates of men she has found
Yet silence does she keep
Wise woman of witchy ways
She shall gaze upon surfaces deep

Her kindness kills the rolling pain
Heavy hearts heard here to weep

Offerings make I of oils and twine
If only to glimpse of her gifts
Her smile holds secrets and happy am I
As swiftly the scenery shifts

In a parting pass she quickly places
In hand the holy glyphs

Fensalir’s fortune I’ve found in truth.
Heron’s Mistress is mighty in main
Tight her twist when wyrd she weaves
Royal Queen’s right to reign!

A Demon’s Thorn and The Elves’ Queen

(This story is from Na’amah’s pre-banished storyline, back when she had free reign to walk the earth.  Previously published I took it down to mull a few things over.  It returns again, enjoy!)

The Demon Queen sighs, and stretches on her throne, feeling her vertebrae cracking as she raises her arms above her head.  She has grown tired of listening to the petty news of the little lesser demon before her and growls.  He blinks up at her, eyes wide.

“I am tired, leave me.” She sighs, standing.  The lesser demon scrabbles back quickly, pulling his tail up out of the way in an attempt to avoid the sharp stiletto heels of her boots.

“Yes, My Queen.” The demon, she can’t recall his name, slides quickly into a crevice in the rock and disappears.
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