A Demon’s Thorn and The Elves’ Queen

(This story is from Na’amah’s pre-banished storyline, back when she had free reign to walk the earth.  Previously published I took it down to mull a few things over.  It returns again, enjoy!)

The Demon Queen sighs, and stretches on her throne, feeling her vertebrae cracking as she raises her arms above her head.  She has grown tired of listening to the petty news of the little lesser demon before her and growls.  He blinks up at her, eyes wide.

“I am tired, leave me.” She sighs, standing.  The lesser demon scrabbles back quickly, pulling his tail up out of the way in an attempt to avoid the sharp stiletto heels of her boots.

“Yes, My Queen.” The demon, she can’t recall his name, slides quickly into a crevice in the rock and disappears.

She glances toward the door to her caverns, a simple staircase leading to the dim light of the world above.  She grins, thinking it time for a walkabout.  She steps down off the red raised dais.  Her heels click on the stone as she heads upward toward the swirl of fresh air.

She stands at the mouth of her caverns, grinning into the sun as it sparkles off  the bay that lays near the mouth of her domain.  It had been much too long sense she had left her caverns, being stuck with one form of politicking or another.  She steps down the hill, intent on heading to the tavern in the Human village, her mouth already watering with the thought of the Drow’s delicious bloodwine, when she hears a woman’s voice cry out, “Halt!”

Unaccustomed to such rudeness she turns her quizzical eyes to the petite woman who stands near the water, clad in leather with a sword strapped to her side.  The look on the woman’s face was one of grim determination.

The Demon Queen pauses, turning toward the woman, “Yes?” she calls out, curious as to the woman’s intentions.

“You must be the Demon Queen!” the woman calls out, nervously fingering the hilt of her sword.

The Queen smirks, “Is it that obvious?” she chuckles, in a good humor.  Her mind returns to the Bloodwine waiting for her at the Tavern.

The little woman growls deep in her throat and pulls out her sword. “Begone Demon!” she screams, rushing toward the Queen with bloodlust in her eyes.

The Queen turns to meet the woman, amusement plain on her face. “And who are you?” she says as she conjures her own sword quickly to her hand. “A Demon hunter perhaps?”

“Is it that obvious?” the woman taunts as they lock blades. The Queen pushes the woman back, amused by her foolishness.

“You are attacking me, little human?  Before my own caverns? You do realize there are a hundred demons inside, simply awaiting my call?”

“They will not be able to help you Demon, your blood is mine!” the woman growls swinging her sword yet again.

The Queen sighs, and in one quick flick she knocks the blade out of the woman’s hand, “I don’t believe you, you are not a Demon Hunter, you are a fool, a fool that comes here to their own death!” she leans on her sword, hip cocked. Watching as the woman glances from her to her sword.  She screams and does a fairly impressive roundhouse kick, which the Queen simply steps into.  The woman’s knee hits her in the neck, but lacks the power her foot would have delivered.  The Queen doesn’t even blink at the blow.

Pinning the woman’s knee against her neck with her hand she slides the handle of her sword down to caress the woman’s leather clad crotch. “Anger makes you stupid.  You should never get angry in a fight.” She purrs.  The Demon hunter quickly squawks and grabs for a knife on her belt. The Queen quickly drops her sword, grabbing instead the Demon hunter’s wrist, then pushing her leg away, spins the woman so her arm was pinned behind her back.

“Aaahhh!” the girl screams as the Queen quickly wrestles her other arm behind her back as well.  With one quick mournful glance towards the tavern the Queen sighs, marching the woman up the hill back towards the caverns.

“You’ll regret attacking me, little one.” She promises the woman, who simply squeeks in fear, her eyes wide.


Sometime later the Queen was reclining on her bed, the abused and battered woman lays,  gasping and shivering from the last waves of orgasm, on the bed beside her.  The Queen looks down at her, brushing her fingers along the lines of blood on the girl’s back.  The caverns still seemed to echo with the woman’s passionate screams.

The Queen sighed, with the fun done and over with, it was time to find out some information on this little ‘Demon Hunter’.  She gathered a small amount of her power to herself and slipped it across the woman’s body, letting a small truth spell, hardly noticeable really, sink into her skin.

“Now, my little Hunter,” she purrs, “What is your name?” she demands, her voice hardening like steel.

The woman arches, gasping, “Thorn!” she cries out, her eyes flying open. “It’s Thorn, m..my Queen.”

The Queen snorts, “Of course,” she mumbles, “Why did you come here, little Thorn-in-my-side?”

The woman, now known as Thorn, threw her a dark glance, “I was told there was a demon problem.”

The Queen purred and rested her face on her hands expectantly, “Oh? And who told you that?” her eyes belayed her calm demeanor, flashing with anger as they did. “Who would be so foolish as to send such a pathetic excuse for a Demon Hunter after the Queen of the Demons?”

“The Elven Queen…” she grits out, clamping her lips shut as if to stop the words from coming, but it was too late, and the Demon Queen sits up.

“Indeed?” she growled.  She walks over to the wall, pushing against a hidden latch and swinging open a panel in the wall.  When she turned, she held a metal collar and a short metal leash. “Seems we must go make a few inquiries.”

Thorn’s eyes grew wide and she struggled to sit up.  The Queen moved unhurriedly to her side and snapped on the collar, locking it tight.

“Oh, no…” Thorn cried, “Oh no, no, no…Let’s not do this…” she pulls back against the leash that was held tight in the Queen’s hand.

The Queen frowned, “I didn’t ask your opinion, Slut.” She growled as she pulled Thorn from the bed.

Back up the stairs they went, Thorn following pitifully behind, purposefully dragging her feet.  At the top of the stairs the Queen nodded to one of her guards and he follows them both out, leering at Thorn’s bruised body.

She needn’t worried about going far.  They found the Elven Queen lurking outside the caverns, “Looking for your pet?” the Demon Queen called out, pulling Thorn to her side. “This one claims you sent her to try and kill me.”

The Elven Queen frowns, straightening, “I did no such thing!” she says quickly, looking between the two woman.

The demon laughs, “That is not what this one says.”

Thorn made a face, “She DID send me.  She told me to come check out the ‘demon problem’.”

The Queen looks again at the woman, recognition sliding onto her face, “Oh!  Yes!  Indeed, I told her to CHECK OUT the demons, not to attack them!”

The Queen tugs on Thorn’s leash, “Oh, then you DID make a big mistake, little Thorn.” She turns back to the Elven Queen, “She attacked me, unprovoked, in front of my own caverns.  Not the brightest spy you have sent my way.”

The Elven Queen frowns, “Unprovoked? You did not make a threatening move, or use magic against her to cause her to attack you?”

The Demon Queen growls, “I said it was unprovoked. I did nothing to her before she attacked me.” She looks down at the nude and squirming hunter, “Though I assure you, like has been repaid with like.”

The Elven Queen rests her hand on the hilt of her sword, “Let the woman go.” She says softly.

The Guard growls and tenses, reaching for his large deadly looking hammer.  He looks to the Demon Queen who holds up a staying hand and smiles, not taking her eyes off the Elf. “Why would I do that?” she asks amused, “I have rights to this woman, she attacked me.  And lost.” she grins at Thorn’s cringe, “She is now my captive, to do with whatever I please.” She runs her hand down the woman’s whip scared back to grab her no less whip scarred butt.

Thorn whimpers, biting her lip against the pain, fighting back memories of the pleasure that had come with it.

“I said, let her go.” The Elven Queen’s eyes were dark with anger, but the Demon could see her hesitation.  The elf knew she would be unable to take the Queen in a fair fight, with or without the guard.

The Demon Queen grew amused, “No.”

The Elf sighed, “What do you want, that would make you let her go.”

The Demon laughed, “Oh?  Perhaps you would prefer to take her place?”

“No!” Thorn cries, struggling against the chain, “No, my Queen!  Don’t do it!”

The Elf looks at the pale Queen, and sighs, “I sent her here, I cannot allow any more harm to come to her.”

“So you come to me willingly?” the Queen purrs, she leans forward, waiting for the woman’s answer, her breathing all but stopped.

“Yes.” The Elf Queen sighs, “Yes, I agree to take her place, for the period of two days, after which you will  let me go home.”

The Demon Queens howls with laughter, “DONE!” she cries pulling the leash from Thorn’s collar.  “Oh what a sweet prize you are!” she smirks, bowing low and gesturing to the cavern entrance, “Please, welcome to my abode.”

The Elf draws herself up, steeling herself for the two days that were to come.  She walks into the cavern, head held high, not looking at Thorn or the demon.

“No! My Queen!  No!” Thorn cries from near the water as the two Queens disappear into the cavern.  The guard steps between Thorn and the entrance, effectively barring her way.  The Queen looks back over her shoulder once to see the girl run off towards the village.  She pats the guard on the shoulder and turns to walk deeper into the cavern excited about the evening to come.


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