This demanded to be posted

I am in the middle of a few rather large life changes.  Moving being one of them, so my days have been full of trials.  However, I did get some time today to relax.

Relaxing typically means that at some point I will start to wander the vast creativity of the internets and seek out cool things.  Which I then post here, ’cause I like to share these really awesome things with folks.

The whole blogging thing.  Ya’know.

So I actually have a post for ya!  Finally…yeah.  I know.

I am in love with this ring:

Be sure to follow the link to see other details.  It’s an octopus ring!  The detail is fantastic!

Same website has a host of other very neat designs.  I believe these are created for a 3-D printer but the artists share their works on the Shapeways website.  Several of the artists are FANTASTIC:

My love for skulls, my love for symmetry, my love for beauty.  Love, Love, Love.  So dainty and delicate.  I have honestly never seen a more perfectly girly skull.

Did I tell you I’m saving up for one?  Yeah…totally am.

Once I get settled back into a regular schedule I shall be posting more to this blog. As it stands I need to get back to boxing things up.



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