Octopi and Skulls

What a better way to kick off the blog than two lovely bits of eyecandy.  More to the point, they are of an octopus and a skull.  I am nothing if not predictable in my predilections.

First up, a lovely ear cuff that made me squeal…before I started thinking about how annoying it would be to actually WEAR.  If anyone has one of these, let me know if it is uncomfortable.  I can’t imagine it would be all that much fun to wear, but I would certainly wear it for effect!


I found this lovely creature on the Plasticland website, but I am nearly certain it is not plastic.  *nods sagely*

I have no idea who the artist of this next skull is.  In fact, I know nothing about it other than it is stunningly beautiful.  I’m gonna throw this up here and let you drool for a moment.  Meet you below.



All better?  *hands you a napkin*

I am amazed at the detail, and the shine makes me smile too.  All in all it’s a lovely piece and makes me want to start collecting magnificent skulls carved of fantastic gems…oh wait…I already do.

*Vroom* ~ *Vroom*

Okay, *rubbing hands manically* So I am trying to jump start my blogging once more.  Coming with?

2012.02.27 - Silent Cries

Awesome, let’s go.

First things first, announcements, next post will be more fun:

  1. The Ephemeral Prosaist has a facebook page now!  Be sure to like it to get even MORE updates than here!  *snickers*  I tend to post things to Facebook when I find them and then post them here when I’ve built up a postworth’s.  The stuff that ends up on the blog, will probably end up on Facebook.  But the archives are here. I *highly* doubt I will try to update facebook with all the backposts…I just don’t care, I mean…that IS what I have the blog for.
  2. My novel is at a standstill, with the divorce, closing my business, moving and trying to find a new job, things have been amazingly hectic the last year or so.  This means that the blog falls to the wayside.  (Thus the bit about ~ephemeral~)  Never you worry, I’ve got ideas still brewing in my head about the novel itself, and hope to begin work again on it soon.
  3. I have several RP blogs out now too.  They are uncut and barely edited (Spelling errors abound!) but they are so much fun to read.  Bloodlust and Betrayal is Na’amah’s journal and is missing a year’s worth of RP in the middle of it.  Trying to get it all updated, but it’s slow.  Encrypted CHA05 is a blog set in the shadowrun universe, most of the time.  Feel free to check that one out too  It’s much shorter as I’ve not been playing that character for nearly as long.
  4. For those reading this:  Hi!  Thank you for sticking around during this…crazy long hiatus.  Unless your new, then Welcomes are more appropriate than ‘thank you’s.
  5. Feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you like about the blog.  Or dislike…if you must.  That will let me know what ya’ll come here for, and what you want to see more of.  More than likely those things will become more frequent!  So in a way, you can help make this blog amazing.
  6. I could use some hugs, the last year has been crazy.
  7. Next post will be full of awesome stuff!  Be prepared!
  8. My fingernails are getting really long, holy cow.  Makes it hard to type.
  9. I am clearly rambling now, so I will stop.  I’ll get the hang of these blog post things again, promise.