Octopi and Skulls

What a better way to kick off the blog than two lovely bits of eyecandy.  More to the point, they are of an octopus and a skull.  I am nothing if not predictable in my predilections.

First up, a lovely ear cuff that made me squeal…before I started thinking about how annoying it would be to actually WEAR.  If anyone has one of these, let me know if it is uncomfortable.  I can’t imagine it would be all that much fun to wear, but I would certainly wear it for effect!


I found this lovely creature on the Plasticland website, but I am nearly certain it is not plastic.  *nods sagely*

I have no idea who the artist of this next skull is.  In fact, I know nothing about it other than it is stunningly beautiful.  I’m gonna throw this up here and let you drool for a moment.  Meet you below.



All better?  *hands you a napkin*

I am amazed at the detail, and the shine makes me smile too.  All in all it’s a lovely piece and makes me want to start collecting magnificent skulls carved of fantastic gems…oh wait…I already do.


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