Writers Read

I have heard time and time again that if you want to be a writer, a ~good~ writer, then you must read.  Read as much as you can get your hands on, read good books, read bad books, just fill your head with other people’s works, form opinions and read more.

Goodness knows I did this before I considered myself a writer.  I have less time to read now than I did before I found out the joys of human companionship but I still enjoy immersing myself in other writer’s worlds.  My whole family are readers.  My mom can go through two books a day if she puts her mind to it.

This, however, gets expensive.  I figured we could all use a few good free books.  So here are several HUGE websites with literally thousands of free books.  And because audiobooks are great for ‘reading’ in the car, I’ve added a few sites for those out there who prefer such things.



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