A Story for Patch

A new short story!  As usual, it is full of graphic content.


For those of you who don’t like such things…you might want to skip this post.

by Alberto Vargas

I wasn’t sure what it was about these soft summer morning that got me so hot.  I watched as her cute little black t-shirt caught on the gentle curve of her ass, flashing me a hint of the nothing she wore underneath.


I dragged my eyes away from that tantalizing view, knowing full well she knew what she did to me.

Her laughter drew my eyes back to her smirking face.  So self assured, oh she knew…she knew exactly what sort of power she had over me.  And it wasn’t just her body, though as she saunters back to my chair I couldn’t deny the twitch beneath the fabric of my boxers.

I struggle to breathe, to focus…ah yes…It wasn’t ~just~ her body, she was brilliant…and wicked and kind in ways I couldn’t explain to anyone else.  She knew me.

She straddles my lap and I am quick to lift my hands to her thighs, soft and creamy under the darkness of my skin.  Startling in contrast.  God, her skin was hot.  The press of her thighs on my hips had a thin bead of sweat slip from my forehead.  I could feel her core settle over my … oh god…I felt myself harden and couldn’t help the color that lifted to my cheeks.  It was too easy for her.

She leans in, her finger trailing up the thundering pulse in my throat, drawing my face up to hers.  I heard the chains shift as I leaned forward, felt the firm tug on my shoulders as I could go no farther…and still her lips only hovered over mine.


Her moan, sweet across my lips, let me know she was very much aware of just how hard I had become.  She was grinding against me.  My entire world is suddenly focused on my cock, the feel of my boxers, dry and rough compared to the slick of her soft flesh.  My eyes go wide as I quickly feel the fabric soak…she was just as hot as I was, and that knowledge nearly lost me.  I arched back in the chair, feeling her warm core even through the fabric, clutching at me, needing me.  I had never been so hard.  The tension of the chains that held my arms down at my side only made every sensation that much more intense.

I told you, she knew me too well.

Her lips butterflied over mine and we breathed in each other’s moans.  I couldn’t help it, I bucked my hips, with such a devious goddess upon your manhood, I dare you not to do the same.  The response I received was priceless, her body arched back, a gasp torn from her lips.  God how I wanted to do that over and over…but she would have none of it.

She stands, I smirk, seeing her wobble on her dismount.  That perhaps, was not the best of ideas.  She slaps the soaked tent my boxers were making, making me grit my teeth, heat quickly cooling, as if my flesh soaked it in, devouring every essence she gave.

“Please…” the word slips from between clenched teeth, a hard won sound.  The chains kept me from following her though she had my full attention.

The sunlight that poured in from the window lit her crimson hair like flames.  For a moment I thought it had actually caught fire, and I had to blink the sweat from my eyes.  Yeah, I was that hot.

The sound of leather snapped my attention down to her hands.  Those lithe fingers held a thin strap of leather, the soft drape only making her look all that much more perfect.

I shifted in the chair, my pulse racing at just the sight of it.  My cock straining at my boxers. I tried to reach their flap, to release myself from their embrace but those damn chains kept me just out of reach.  I cursed under my breath.

The blossom of sensation that swept away my vision was swift and unexpected, the slap of leather against my thigh, no boxers there to keep me from her.  My gaze snaps to hers, wide.  She smirks, god the twist of those lips, I remembered what they felt like around my cock and groaned.

She shows that bittersweet kindness once more.  Reaching down she flicked the button on those soaked boxers, releasing my cock, long length springing to dance rock hard under her gaze.  She straddles me once more, leather in hand.

She takes her time sliding down on my length, her body twisting and writhing inch by brutal inch as I arch under her, breath caught in my throat with every torturous second.

She makes me gasp once more, inhaling much needed air with the slap of leather on my thighs.  Chains snapping tight once more as I strain against the burst of pleasure that has my flesh heating to steam the sweat off my body.  My world narrowing to the buck and weave of the woman above me, the slap of the leather on my flesh with each bounce, raining down pain so sweet.  My breathing ragged as I grappled desperately with my pleasure, trying to hold it off, while she demanded my release with her every movement.

It was a game we liked to play, her and I.

Shame she always won.

This night I watched her face, seeing her fall into her own pleasure as I panted under my own.  Her eyes going glassy, head thrown back, that bright scarlet hair cascading down to tickle my balls.  They were tight, I knew I didn’t have long so I shifted my hips, taking her off guard, hitting that spot I knew she loved.  Her eyes go wide and the leather falls from her hand so she can grip my knees her back arching to match mine.  Her body hesitates above me, and I knew I had her.  I buck again, hard, driving up into her soaked flesh, feeling her shudder.  I feel myself falling into my orgasm, my body straining on that edge of eternity, burning with sensation from the tips of my toes to the ends of each electric hair.  I buck again and burst, losing myself in her, a prick of disappointment and I feel her squeezing around me.

Her cry is like music.

The disappointment disappears and I am gripping her thighs by fingertips, our pleasure filling the room, echoing back to us.

We come too with great heaves, her body collapsed atop mine, whimpering as I pulse inside of her.  I chuckle breathlessly as she spends the last of her energy releasing me from the chains.  I wrap my arms around her, holding her close until our breathing slowed, our bodies relaxing into a pool of sunshine.  My gaze on the floating motes of dust that surround us.

I love soft summer mornings.



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