Rough Sketches

I have been thinking of doing a comic or graphic novel using Second Life as a art source for years.  I have never really pushed myself to work on it however because there was always something more important to do.

With my husband being sick these last few days I have had some down time to putz around on the computer a bit.  Here are some rough mock ups of some artwork I would love to include in a comic.

Starring our favorite villaness, The Demonesss Vedis.

2014.12.26 - On the Other Hand
2014.12.25 - The Mirror


Hadley is a lovely friend of mine in Second Life.  She and I have been working on a rather involved story line for her character over the past few months.  Part of this story line required her to update her avatar.  I think she did an amazing job!  Here are two pictures, taken and edited by the lady herself, for your viewing pleasure.



Yule Time Triad

One of my friends asked what got me in the mood for the holidays. Thinking about his question made me very wistful for days gone by.

I love the sight of evergreen and candles. The smell of cinnamon and eggnog. The taste of Grandma’s cinnamon rolls and roasted almonds.

I love the sparkling glint of silver and gold seen through frosted windows. I love the fog of your breath as you play out in the snow and the delightful warmth of the fireplace when you come in to thaw out.

These are the things that remind me of the holidays, these are the things I miss the most. Perhaps next year I will feel settled enough to get my yule wreath again. I’m not big into decorating, but that is one of the things I did every year and loved it.

I suppose I still have time to do some baking if I really wanted to. That might be nice. I’ve already got ideas for next year’s Yule Gifts. So that makes me happy!

Here are three poems I have written in the past about the yuletide season.  I like to break them out about this time each year and remember times long gone.


The Time of Yule

Winter’s Restlessness

Yule’s Blessing

Freed from the Chains of Silence

Breaking the Chains of Silence2

I have had this blog for a long time.  The first post was February 18th of 2010 and since then I have posted things I have found on the internet that amused me along side tidbits of my writing.  I have used this blog to host my short story “Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones” and excerpts from the larger novel I am working on.

Nothing earth shattering for sure.  But it is a lovely way for me to keep track of things and let my friends and family see what twisted shit lies within this brain of mine.

I wasn’t able to do much more with it until recently.  Posting anything personal was forbidden.  Hinting that there was a person behind these posts, unthinkable.  This blog was a glimpse into my world, yet never more than a passing glance upon the beauty of a still pool, it’s depths hidden and unknown.

Perhaps it is better if it stays that way.  But the bindings that have held me back for so long are no longer there.  I no longer have to worry about being ‘allowed’ to write about myself or my family.  I will still maintain some distance for safety’s sake.  I know this is a public venture after all, and as such, one much take care what information they allow the public to see.  But I want people to know that yes, there is a person behind these writings, and yes, I have thoughts and feelings beyond the short stories and prose I write.

As always, I am an ephemeral prosaist, my writings are few and far between but rest assured they shall come, even more often if I am given the pleasure of responses from my audience.  Proving to me I write not just for myself gives me incentive to write more often so feel free to comment here or on facebook.

Much of my free time is given over to my hobbies.  Role Play, both online and live action, video games of all sorts, and my eternal love, beadwork. I even sell some of my beadwork in hopes of bringing in some extra money with which to buy more beads.  (Shameless plug)

Role play has brought me some of my closest friends.  It is where I met my husband as well as given me the opportunity to see the world through eyes not my own.  It has honed my writing skill and given me confidence I can take into other aspects of my life.

My faith is personal and strong.  I might go into it more here in another post, but there are things that I don’t feel comfortable talking about yet.  Politics and religion being the top two.  Just know that I am well aware of the majesty of the world around me and I take comfort in that knowledge.

Both of these things, my hobbies and my faith has allowed me to confront the shadows from my past and helps me to work through the darkness that taints my soul.  I suffer from anxiety attacks due to the Dark Times I have suffered.  My husband is a blessing in my life because he knows what it’s like to have to deal this these particular shadows, and his hand has guided me more often than once though the nightmares that follow.

At this point of my life I am truly blessed.  I never thought it could be this good.

I am hoping to make this blog more of an open expression of who I am as a person, as well as a writer.  My day to day life may be boring, or they may inspire.  Who knows?  My favorite quote is by Maya Angelou, “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”  I write because it pours from my soul, not because I have some great lesson to teach or because I know how to fix the world.

I am who I am and I am content with that.

Goodnight Pinkie

Writing sad stories is a way for me to work through my depression.  It’s odd how getting all that angst out helps to lighten your mood.  This is an excerpt from a Role Play that is currently unfinished but despite it’s sad mood, it’s helped to raise my spirits so I thought I would share it.  The shear level of emotion in it is some of my best I think.

Trigger warnings:  This is a SAD STORY.  Insanity and loss is inherent.  You have been warned.

For clarity, I play Phaedra, the other characters are written by other people.

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