I worry too much.

It’s a habit I have learned over the years. I can’t even blame it on my ex. I am a long time worrier from waaaay back.

I worry about small things, like when I am going to find time to clean the house or if I should try and wear makeup again now that I have time in the mornings to put it on.

I worry about big things too, like weather or not I am a good person (whatever that means) and what I want to do with my life and will I ever have a career that will fully support me?

I worry about not getting in enough time to focus on my spiritual habits to build relationships with the entities I work with. I worry about not celebrating the High Holy Days as often as I used to.

My worries turn into anxiety. Anxiety has a way of ruining my day in big ways. Proving that I need to worry less about the small stuff and focus my time and energy into just being alive. I have a fantastic life and to have all of these worries pile up until they spill over and ruin my day is a bit silly when you take the time to look at the big picture. I am happy! I have a loving husband and a great home and a job that is still in my field despite the injury that is keeping me from doing massage full time. I can still enjoy my beads and create works of beauty for my family and friends. I have great hobbies that I can share with my husband that allows me to meet new and interesting people and craft some fun items.

It’s true, I worry too much. It is a habit that I really need to get out of.


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