100 Word Story

So one of my friendsĀ got me thinking. He challenged his friends to write their own, personal, story in 100 words. Not their history, their story. I’m sure I mucked it all up, but it’s 100 words! Figured I would share it with the rest of my friends because I quiet enjoyed it. What would your 100 word story be?
“People were attracted by her easy, carefree smile. But her eyes told the true story. A brief hesitation of previous betrayal, dropping to the floor when voices are raised. It was those hazel eyes that told the story of her life. The dark circles, fading, yet still present, telling of sleepless nights and frustrating illnesses. The way she looks at you beneath long eyelashes speaking of restrained desires. The way delight played across them upon the sight of beauty.
And if one looked long enough, they would find deep within those yellow and green eyes, a glimmer of hope.”